Major Update

So, keeping up with a blog is a lot harder than I had previously anticipated. But never fear. Here is a good, long one to keep those updated! I had to refer back to my last post and I did an internal sigh when I realized just how long it has been. The last time we met virtually, I had gone to Animal Kingdom with my roommates. A ton has happened since then, but let’s go over some highlights and some of my favorite moments of DCP.

Haunted Mansion Tour:
This was absolutely fabulous and worth waking up at 5am to do it. If you get the chance, whether it’s the cast member tour or not, DO THIS! It takes you completely through the ride (walking) with the lights on with 2 tour guides who tell you all the hidden secrets about just how this ride works and a ton of things you’d never realize that go into detail! Just a fun thing, see if you can spot the Grand Floridian Victoria & Albert’s dishes used in the attic scene! The tour guides also mentioned that only one non-cast member has taken this tour. Neil Patrick Harris. Apparently, it was part of his contract in the Candle Light Processional that he would like the tour of Haunted Mansion and he was granted that wish. Disney is Magical for all guests! ๐Ÿ™‚

Katy Perry:
Speaking of magic, Katy Perry was visiting Disney World the other week (4th of July) and she was in Epcot the day I happened to be working and just floated right by me into my fluff of bubbles. She was lovely and sweet and it made my week so magical to be able to interact with her!

Park Time:
I have been spending a few solo days/nights at the park just as much as spending days with my roommates in the parks! For Heather’s birthday (July 7) she wanted to go to Epcot! And because Gabby, Chelsea, and I also had the day off, we explored World Showcase to the max and ended the night on Test Track! I really enjoyed exploring World Showcase for 2 reasons. A) I work in America so I am literally spending months and months in this place and need to get familiar with my surroundings in order to help others in more efficient ways. B) I feel like I want to explore the world and this little taste of everything made me really intent on 1 or 2 more places added to my list. For example, Morocco. Probably my favorite (by far) of countries in World Showcase! This is a fabulous little taste of what I’m sure a whole country is like! Chelsea and I also went to Magic Kingdom one night just to hang out more and we got to do all of our favorite rides!
I then did a solo Hollywood Studios day, which I truly believe is a park you should do solo because there is too much differences in tastes here. Some people love the stage shows and some people love the rides and some people love both. I think I like a fair mix of both but there are some rides where I have little interest in doing again (or once). Therefor, I enjoy my own time here doing what I like.

Amanda and Scott welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Violette Anita, into the world on June 30 at 2 am! She is gorgeous and I have already FaceTimed her and I usually get a good morning picture from them (of her) daily! It makes me feel like I am not missing too much and will be home to meet her soon! I sent her a care package of all these lovely things including name engraved baby Mouse Ears! Pictures soon followed and she is just too stinkin’ cute in them! Good thing she has a few years to grow into them! I also got to talk to my mom yesterday on the phone for just a bit, which was lovely. I just wish I could get Jared to talk on the phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wizarding World of Harry Potter:
Now I have been to Universal one time before (that I can really remember) which was Christmas the year the first world of Harry Potter opened. And let me tell you, it was fabulous this time around. It was indeed crowded (the wait for Gringotts at FIVE HOURS), but it was everything a fan could love. It was a truly immersive experience and I fully plan to spend a whole day there in September or August once school is back in and it dies down a bit. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan like me, this is a MUST! I even got a wand from Ollivanders which made the whole trip perfect! Unfortunately, I got incredibly sick after eating lunch and had to call it a day before riding Gringotts. But I did get to do everything else I wanted and I love just looking around there! However, be aware that this week annual passes with no block out dates started at $244 and just yesterday skyrocketed to $314. Same ticket, same features, crapton more money. Just be aware of that. I, unfortunately, did not buy my pass before this jump and was forced to buy a one day park to park pass. Which is required if you want to do BOTH Harry Potter experiences. You can bet Universal is milking this for all it is worth.
Check out my facebook album of Harry Potter


I love all of my roommates. It is seriously so crazy to me that as random as many of them were I love them all to death. I feel more relatable to some more than others just because our personalities are very much alike, but I could not have gotten so lucky with any other girls! We are one big family already and we love having late night talks and family dinners together when our schedules allow it! Chelsea and I even recruited 2 more Khaleesi fans (Game of Thrones) and they are both addicted like us! Whenever one of those parks opens, you can count us in! I really get along with my live-in roommate Heather. And I think our personalities mesh flawlessly to be able to get along in the same room. (at least she hasn’t said anything differently, yet) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I saved this one for last because work is work. And yes, I am working in the happiest place on earth but that does not change the crazy hours or hard working aspect of it. However, I like my job and feel the benefits outweigh the negatives and would not give it up. I enjoy many of my co-workers and hope to build more friendships as time goes on! And speaking of work, I have been fretting nervously this past week after seeing my schedule for this week! I have been deployed to the Emporium on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Which is the busiest shop ever. And one of the largest (World of Disney beats it in Downtown Disney though). But I am taking it in with an open mind and will just have to arrive SUPER early in order to figure out costuming and such. :/

If you haven’t checked out my album on facebook for the DCP, that is what I have been updating religiously: check it out here!


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