Animal Kingdom Day with my Roommies

These past 2 weeks have been insane. They have also been the longest of my life (if only vacation could be this long!) There is so much to pack into each day that this is the REAL day off I have had this whole entire time! So let’s begin! Last week I finished training and took my assessment. This consisted of about 67 questions from Traditions until my last day of Training. I only missed a few questions and it said I had PASSED! Yay! So then I had to do a few more things like accept the responsibilities of a real cast member now and fun stuff like that. If you are wondering, I took my assessment in a room above the Lands ride, it was soo cool up there!! I could see out the windows into the ride and I was geeking out! I love that ride! Now that I think about it, I might go explore a Park today since it is my day off 😉

Speaking of exploring a Park, yesterday Chelsea, Gabby, and I went to Animal Kingdom! It’s one of my top favorite parks (well they all are, kind of), but I love all the animals and the rides are all so nice and low-key, except Expedition Everest, which is the first ride we went to. We went to the FastPass+ Kiosk and tried to get 3 main fastpasses, Everest, Kilimanjaro Safari, and Kalahari Rapids! We got all THREE! Which if you know Disney, is super rare. Well even more rare, we got the first 2 within the first 3 hours of the time! So we headed over to Everest and we had a ball! Gabby purchased a picture of herself on it, and they gave her my picture too (since I was in a different car than her and Chelsea)! So we all have a picture of us on this fabulous ride!

I had made lunch reservations at Rainforest Cafe for 10:45 so we made our way back to the entrance of the park and met our roommate Carolyn there and we all got a festive drink, besides Chelsea who was driving. Mine was called the Green Python and was bright lime green! It was definitely something I would get again! And then we all ordered something different, Carolyn had a salad that looked SO good! And Chelsea got Chicken Parmesan. I got a bbq bacon burger. Gabby got a bbq chicken wrap. Which is what I should have gotten because my eyes were bigger than my stomach!!! Carolyn graciously brought mine and Chelsea’s half eaten lunch home for later (hopefully today!). And Carolyn headed home to start working on her big Louisiana Dinner! She had some of her friends from Character Attending over and the 11 of us ate Gumbo, Crawfish Ettoufee, and beignets! We then sat down and watched the Princess and the Frog. This all tied together because Carolyn will be attending Princess Tiana soon and it was a “4-D” movie experience as one person said, since we were actually eating the food in the movie!

After our lunch at Rainforest Cafe, we missed our fast passes for Kilimanjaro by about a half hour, and Chelsea (who is a driver for Kilimanjaro) assured us many times that they will not accept fast passes that late due to how popular the ride is. She said the other day she was working it got to 80 minutes. Yuck! But we lucked out and it was only 20 minutes. So we waited it out and we got to see some amazing animal activity! I think we were able to see almost every animal except the lions (which are my second favorite) and we only saw the booty of some zebras (my first favorite). But everything else was out and about or sleeping, like the cheetah and warthog! And then we headed over to see the Lion King show which was spectacular and more than I had anticipated! It would rival a short preview of a Cirque du Soliel show and it was fun and interactive for all ages!

After the Lion King we headed over to DINOSAUR land. Which is indeed the best part! I love dinos so this was simply fabulous for me 🙂 We almost bought a large stuffed dino for our living room but we decided to not spend the money yet and see if we’d still enjoy it later on. And then we went on the ride Dinosaur! which wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be (never having been on it) and it was a fun line full of dino fossils and skeletons (some real, some not). It did take about an hour to get on this ride though, so I recommend a fastpass! 

We then did one of the kiddy rollercoasters and we all were laughing and it was fun so I think that was much needed! It then started to rain lightly while we were on this rollercoaster so we were going to head over to the Finding Nemo show but we had literally just missed it by 5 minutes and it was POURING by this point. So we started heading back to see if we could do It’s Tough to be a Bug and we got a little disoriented due to the rain, so we took shelter and we all had to find a restroom. By this point, you could tell everything was going to shut down and it was lightning and thundering so bad that we decided to call it a day! Apparently, everyone else had the same idea, and if they were not under shelter, they were hurrying to the exit.

We were all soaked even with umbrellas. The tram sat for like 10 minutes waiting to completely fill up so we got even more wet (there was water ALL OVER the seats), and then we finally made it back to Chelsea’s car in the dino parking lot. It was a traffic jam trying to get out of there and finally we made it back to Patterson. Carolyn was almost done with her gumbo and ettoufee and we were just glad to be dry and almost fed after such a great day!!

And since I don’t work today, I am heading out to the pool and maybe catch a movie tonight. Or I might just head over to Epcot to grab my paycheck and then to DTD to do some much needed retail therapy!! 🙂 🙂

Here is the link to my facebook album to my DCP. It has pictures from our housing event 2 nights ago as well as updated until today on everything else that has been going on. I tend to forget to take pictures of everything, but it is a lot easier than blogging every moment of every day unless it has just happened!


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