I have been failing at blogging lately. I have been busy to the max, although it is not an excuse, it has been stressful trying to get everything done even without trying to blog more. So here is a much needed post. I recently (like ten minutes ago) stumbled upon a post on Pinterest “52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge”. Along with blogging, I have been failing on my challenges including my Pinterest challenge and yoga challenge. It is unrealistic but if Humans of New York can post 5 pictures a day, I can write one blog post a week (that will be my inspiration!)

Today is: why did you start this challenge?

I started this challenge because (as mentioned above) I need to blog more! Sometimes a prompt is a motivating reason to blog. Also, I would like to write my gratitude out in the wordpress-sphere! I think the world needs a lot more positive and a lot less negative. I read a post somewhere some day that mentioned a good blog post has at least 1500 words in it, which I can’t wholly agree with: yes, I believe longer posts tend to have more substance to it, but if you are physically trying to find 1500 words every single time you will have a bunch of unwanted fluff and just lose reader interest! So it’s a good idea to write a little more every time, but fill it with quality writing, which is what I hope to improve upon by writing more (like once a week, at least!)

The last reason I started this is because I rarely finish challenges (also mentioned above) so maybe I can get in the habit of this one! It’s hard to do a daily challenge just because if you miss a day, there is no really turning back, with a weekly challenge at least I have 7 days to put it off 🙂


30 Wedding Dresses Under $1000

30 Wedding Dresses

Totally inspired today! I came across a site called Broke Ass Brides and the content on it is fabulous! It inspired me to make a blog post about finding affordable, ADORABLE wedding dresses. Let’s say: $1000 or less! All dresses can be found on David’s Bridal Website or else noted by “Etsy” in the caption. With a total of SIX Vera Wang gowns, you can’t beat this list! Check out the $60 dress!

**Note: I realized after looking through the gowns these are obviously tailored to dresses that I (and maybe I alone) would actually wear! But there are soo many dresses out there for you under $1000 that you may like too!!

dress 1 999


dress 2 899


dress 3 vw 899

$899 Vera Wang

dress 21 850

$850 Etsy

dress 17 790

$790 Etsy

dress 20 790

$790 Etsy

dress 18 750

$750 Etsy

dress 4 748.48


dress 22 730

$730 Etsy

dress 5 699


dress 31 699

$699 Vera Wang

dress 6 699


dress 7 699


dress 8 698


dress 9 648.48


dress 10 vw 599

$599 Vera Wang

dress 11 598


dress 12 vw 550

$550 Vera Wang

dress 13 vw 499

$499 Vera Wang

dress 14 499


dress 15 vw 499

$499 Vera Wang

dress 23 450


dress 24 450


dress 30 350


dress 16 298

$298 Etsy

dress 28 298


dress 29 298


dress 26 199


dress 27 199


dress 25 60


Honorable Mention: This gown is from Etsy and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, it is not apart of the list due to it being a touch over $1000.

dress 19 1200

$1200 Etsy