Housing & Roommates

Many people have been recently rocked by Disney Housing. Until recently, everyone was under the impression we could live in Chatham, Patterson, Vista, or Commons with 2 people to each room. There could be anywhere from 1-4 rooms I believe. But everyone has been very interested in Chatham, so naturally Disney felt the need to fix that popularity. Now if you’d like to live in Chatham, you must have THREE PEOPLE to a room. My brother had been in Chatham in a DCP and admitted it was spacious but not at all accommodating for more than 2 people. So I am now looking into every other option BESIDES Chatham. Which I assume was Disney’s point. So with this new housing, my roommates decided to stay in Chatham and have 6 girls. I decided to decline that offer and find 3 more girls and heading over to Patterson or Commons (please not Vista). I really liked these girls so it makes me sad. But I have already potentially found all 3 new roommates which is a happy thought 🙂 Now it is off to work to be able to pay for my future Disney needs (see last post here). OH! I already checked one thing off that list! Say hello to my beautiful new Sperrys! So stoked to get them. I went to the mall because I wasn’t too sure what size I would be (never having worn Sperry’s before in my life) and I was hesitant to explain that I just needed to know my size & was not planning on purchasing anything from the store. But the woman working (who happened to be the manager) was very sweet and laid back about it! She was very interested in my Disney story and was excited to give her tips with shoes (&socks) in general!


Things I still Need to Buy

I have been working my booty off during NCAA March Madness this past weekend trying to make enough money for my bills. Needless to say I made rent + bills in ONE WEEKEND! So this is a list of “Disney Needs” (okay wants) that I still need (okay want) to purchase & if anyone has anything on this list that is reliable and willing to sell for cheaper, let a sister know!

1. Sperry’s…okay I feel guilty spending THAT much money on a pair of shoes, But they are darn good shoes. AND Sperry’s is having a sale on the shoes that I want so I should buy the shoes right? 😉 And if you use SPERRYFS, you get free shipping until March 31st!

2. Smartphone. I had the best smartphone someone like me needed. The Droid Mini. It was small, easy to understand & took amazing pictures. My dog however ran off my bed pulling my phone charger with her and splat! Onto the floor my phone went facedown & cracked the screen, which made it nearly unusable (the softkeys acted up and I kept getting cut by the broken glass). So I have been using the first Droid ever made, graciously provided by my loving boyfriend. But it is not going to cut it forever. I would love to get another Droid Mini but they are too darn expensive for me to just up & purchase

3. A decent camera. I don’t need anything huge and professional and fancy. Just a nice high quality camera that will take the best pics  and keep the memories alive. I mean, I only get to do this Disney thing once & I want to capture it ALL. So if people have suggestions on camera makes & models (I’m thinking $200 or less).

4. An external charger for my phone battery. These are becoming ever more popular with the crappiness of phone battery life these days (I’m talking to you Apple). My phone will be dead within a few hours of using it. I can keep the charge throughout my workshift (let’s say 10 hours on average) if and only if I do not use my phone a lot…I’m talking ten texts max. And I always call my mom on my way home from work for updates on our days and if I had been using it all day, well then you can just kiss that phone call goodbye. I’ve looked at a few and am leaning towards this one because it comes highly recommended, on the downside it does not come with the charger (weirdos.)

5. Dermablend. Well I already bought this, but in the wrong shade (I suck at finding my right shade…) because no visable tattoos allowed, my friends. So I had to exchange it. Well let me tell you something, I bought on dermablend.com because I don’t have time to go find an Ulta & try on every shade. But now I wish I would have. My exchange MAY take up to 4 weeks (I have time…but seriously?) & if I pick the wrong shade AGAIN…it’s just a never ending cycle, people.


Getting Ready to Get Ready for Florida!

I think it is safe to say I am pretty ready for some Florida weather. How do we have such good weather & then all of a sudden, SNOW! I’m looking at the forecast right now in Orlando, and if I were there right this second it would be a high of 77! It does not snow at 77 degrees, ladies and gentlemen. If I had it my way, I would be moving my stuff there today! Which brings me to think about a packing list…ugh! I hate packing and avoid it like the plague. There is just way too much thought and work that has to go into packing up your life & clothes into a few boxes. And I have to share the apartment with three other girls which are all bringing their own amount of life & clothes with as well. Must not leave packing to the last minute. Must not leave packing to the last minute. Must not leave packing to the last minute. Meh, who am I kidding? I won’t pack until May 31st, you wait. Fortunately for me, thousands have done the program before me. So instead of drawing up my own packing list, 

I found one or two very good links to the page for future reference (in case anyone else is having problems of what TO bring and what NOT TO bring, or if you are just curious what kind of crap I shall be hauling to Florida)

(I have never used tumblr before but apparently that is where the good Disney references are!)

Oh & here is my countdown for today! LOVE IT!


Well, here starts the first blog post of many in my next chapter of my life. Here you can stay updated in my attempt to find adventure as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. I guess I should start at the beginning. I was randomly checking my email when I came across an email from Walt Disney World, I usually would just ignore these or delete them right away but for whatever reason, I opened the email and saw that they were accepting applications for fall 2014. I decided on a whim to apply as a laugh because I knew this was the last time I could apply to the college program. I had applied in 2012 as soon as it opened and waited the ENTIRE time to be NLIC’d (or No Longer in Consideration). My family had since that day really pushed me to apply again but I just couldn’t put myself through the rejection again…I mean, who would?! If they didn’t want me last time, why would they consider me this time? Well, I applied again & after a few interviews I had been ACCEPTED!! I could barely breathe when I got the email and was so excited to see what my role was and when I could move in and how much I would make. I had to go through an entire Buffalo Wild Wings shift before I could get home & to a computer to check it all out. Well, it was definitely not the role I had wanted or even applied to. I had been offered Quick Service Food and Beverage (now called QSFB). Not my dream job. I had really considered not accepting the job at all. I was devastated but I can definitely give reference to my phone interview why they had considered me for this role. I had talked a bit about B-Dubs when they would ask me questions about standing on my feet all day or dealing with guests. Unfortunately this might have transferred into me wanting a job in food again. But after a few discussions with my family and Jared, I accepted. Paid the fees, picked my move in date, all that Jazz! (Which in case you were wondering, I will be flying into Florida June 8 & moving into my apartment June 9, with some pretty amazing girls who seem to be a bit like me.) After the initial shock of the QSFB offer, I started to get REALLY excited, I mean REALLY EXCITED! I get to live at Disney World and go to the parks whenever I darn well please, FOR FREE! What more could you possibly ask for?! Except 50% off hotels and 10% off meals and park tickets for anyone else coming to visit me……hint hint. 😉 And just having a Fortune 500 Company on my resume will be huge! It may bot help my major (sadly, Disney does not have a lot to do with Biotechnology), but look at the networking and guest interaction I’m about to gain. I needed to do this for myself before I have a family and a job and a house. When would I ever have this chance again?  Now all I have to do is convince Jared to apply to every place in Orlando that we can find! 😉 I am 75 days from the move in day!  Here’s to the beginning and many more magical memories in my future!

My Acceptance Letter!

My Acceptance Letter!