Top 10 TV Relationships

The most wonderful of TV Relationships have a multifaceted story line, intricate details, and really brings something to the show. The best of them make me wish I were in that relationship. I have to give a disclaimer, most of these relationships are not the typical man/woman full on love relationships. This includes but is not limited to: friendships, sidekicks, best friends, bromance, lesbian lovers, etc etc etc.  It takes tender, love, and care to create a love that is not real and here are the best of them.

10. Sean and Catherine: The Bachelor. Sean and Catherine first met on the Bachelor. They are still going strong as of ten days ago. This is one of the few bachelor relationships that have lasted a year after marriage. Most don’t even make it down the aisle. So what was it about these two? There have been two instances in competition reality TV that I have picked the winner, the first was Jaslene off of America’s Next Top Model and the Second was Catherine on the Bachelor. In the first episode it is a tradition to judge the girls who we think is going to make it to the end. Mine was Catherine. She has been one of the few girls who seemed real and there was just something about her. Eventually, Sean thought so too because he proposed to her at the end of the series. They are a true representation of love that works on the Bachelor. They are so silly and goofy and is public knowledge he waited for marriage to give up his v-card. How much more romantic can you get?!

Bachelor Finale: Sean Lowe Faces Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter

9. Snooki and Jwoww: Jersey Shore. A crazy reality show about friends who live, drink, and sleep together. After this weird success, there was a spin-off show called Snooki and Jwoww. And was it addictive. These two best friends are unfiltered and I love every second of it. They called each other out on their bullshit, but supported each others quirks and there was always a true message at the end of every episode and that is: be thankful that is not your best friend.

8. Carrie and Aidan: Sex and the City. It feels like the show wanted you to root for Carrie and Big just because it was obvious that they were not supposed to be together. Love is not supposed to be obvious and clean but Aidan was every bit of perfect for this woman that it was clear that that was the relationship meant to be. But then you realize that she slept with Big and you realize that you can relate to every bit of that “picking the bad boy over the perfect, obvious choice” because we all want what we can’t have. But what happens once you get what you cannot ever have? Well, you make a movie where the love of you life makes YOU propose and then leaves you standing at the altar. How is that true love? Love is not supposed to ever be second guessed. It is not fun to finally get what you wanted, just to become less available again. That is called games. And real men do not play games. Insert Aidan here.

Because obviously Aidan was the best man and Carrie fucked up.

He looked adorable in tighty-whities:

7. Esma and Kronk: The Emperor’s New Groove. A funny duo from the movie turned series on Disney, these two are not so much diabolical and a lot funny. If they came to kidnap me, I may or may not say anything just to spend the day with them. So what do they have that you don’t have? Wit and spunk and a will to not give up. Oh and a secret lab. That’s a must.

6. Cory and Topanga: Boy Meets World. The original high school sweetheart love story, these two are a pure representation of loving someone forever. They made us laugh, the made us cry, they made us wish we were in that relationship, and the spinoff Girl Meets World made us wish they had stopped while they were ahead. But after all they went through, they really made us hopeful in love.

You were never this insightful in middle school. You were a greasy tween.

God will never cry over your temporary breakup.

They even made a whole Buzzfeed article about Unrealistic Expectations in your own relationship compared to theirs. (*note-had the actors married in real life, this would have been higher than #6)

5. Khaleesi and Khal Drogo: Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is hands down the best show ever to have aired on any network as of 2015. I have never heard a negative comment about the show. However, the whole show does not compare to the love of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo, meaning leader or King and Queen in Dothraki (the made up language of A Song of Ice and Fire series). Their brief love story was taken away (with their son) after Khaleesi killed her husband, had their relationship withstood the test of times in Westeros, their love could rival the others on the list. However, the TV series put a lot of punch in the airtime they did have, it did not satisfy myself or others expectations. A later scene showed a dream where they were together again and their son was alive, and anyone with a heart will bawl their eyes out because of that love.

4. Allison and Felix: Orphan Black. One of the most addictive new series on BBC America, Orphan Black is a whirlwind of clones and they are ALL played by a single actress. Allison, a soccer mom with money is the classic suburbia clone with a drinking problem. After all of her friends, clones and husband abandon her in her time of need, she has no one to turn to except Felix, the gay foster brother of Sarah.

3. House and Wilson: House, M.D. The greatest bromance to grace the television screen, House and Wilson are mistaken to be gay together in more than one instance and there is a reason why: they are best friends forever. From betting to teaching each other life lessons, House and Wilson remain lesbian lovers for 8 seasons. That’s longer than any Bachelor I’ve ever seen. 

2. Stewie and Brian: Family Guy. One of the greatest creations since sliced bread, Stewie and Brian should really have their own show as they basically make family guy tolerable! Just kidding, I would love the show without them…but come on, they are genius. Being that Stewie is gay (admit it.), it makes their bromance even more funny. I love the ones that are solely dedicated to them, with their time machine and evil plots. Pure genius. But I wouldn’t recommend watching it with kids in the room.

1. Ryan and Colin: Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show is the funniest. Impromptu theater and these guys make it 500x better. But together, it should be illegal. They feed off each other and have made a career. Without one, there is not the other. This duo will truly be together forever.


Realtime, Firsttime of Watching Frozen

Opening Screen: What is that?! Is this the right movie?

I already hate it.

The music contradicts everything I always thought it would be.

The snowflake approach…how original (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

I bet that’s Flynn Rider…

Aww, baby Flynn and baby Sven.

This song is Pocahontas-esque. Good choice.

Aww, baby Elsa and Anna.

Who goes outside to play in the snow at night?

Oh, she’s magical and can make it snow inside…nice touch.


Shouldn’t you be in bed, young ladies.

I spy a blonde streak.

She’s dead.

Does Elsa just make everything freeze behind her?


Why is Elsa blessed with magic and nobody else? Rude.

The trolls have spoken.

Elsa is now Cinderella.

Do you wanna build a snowman?


Elsa is a freak.

I bet those parents die.

“freak accident”


Why wasn’t Elsa at the funeral???

She does NOT want to build a snowman.

Did he just eat that carrot after the reindeer?

Who is this evil man?

This is what I look like when I get woken up too…you do you Anna.

Why have a ballroom with no balls…oh that kind of balls.

I hate this song too….

That dress though!!! And her hair!

Do they make that in my size?

This girl needs to be romanced asap!

Is this the first time they’re going to see each other in like 3 years?! #familydysfunction

Who is this guy? And why doesn’t anyone talk about him at Disney?

Mysterious man = Hans?

People only talk about Sven…

And Elsa.

Poor Anna and Hans.

So who was king and queen during those 3 years until she turned 18???

Why can’t she wear her gloves to pick up the ball?

She’s the queen.

All hail queen Elsa.

Those dresses look oddly similar.

Anna is funny.

Duke of Weasletown…must be the villain.

Way to throw your sister under the bus to the Weasle

It would be awkward to see your sister after 3 years locked in her room.

Hans + Anna = love forevsies

You were not born with that streak nor licked by a troll…just so you know.

I really hate all of these songs.

I need to find someone to finish my sandwhiches….

Oh my god…did he just propose?!

He did.

She said yes.

And told her sister.

What a buzzkill.

She’s in love.

You can’t marry a man you just met, young lady.

She’s so cold.

Oh snap. Everybody knows your secret.

Stop touching things!

She’s no monster, Gaston. YOU ARE!

Elsa, she doesn’t care if you’re a freak. She’s your sister.



Don’t leave prince Hans in control…he’s gonna be the bad guy, isn’t he?


Can we just not have music?!

Let it go, Shelby.


Did you find snow, or did snow find you?

Hello again, Olaf.

I like the movie version of this song better than the crappy version they play at Disney.

-_- but still hate it.

She finally accepts herself. You do you, girlfriend.

Why can’t my hair do that when I take it down…

THAT DRESS! Dang girl.

I like this look better.

Poor horse. You should carry him through the snow, Princess Anna.

Horse got his revenge by dumping her and leaving her in the snow.

Tropical magic for Anna. Frozen 2. Oh god.

Hahahah her dress is frozen.

Wandering Oakens.


I spy Anna’s new boots and outfit.

Is that Flynn again?

40 BUCKS?!

Flynn is a big fat meanie.

No carrots for Sven. Poor reindeer.

Reindeers are better than people, indeed.

People smell better than reindeer.

Why wasn’t this a song????

Oh look, I was right about the boots and outfit.

What a charitable woman.

Do you think if I had a blonde streak in my hair, people would do what I say??

Girls being engaged the day they met….and it’s taken 4 years for me..and still counting….


Is Flynn and Anna gonna end up together?

True love is picking your nose in front of your woman.

All men do it.


Wolves? Or trolls….?

Are trolls good guys or bad guys?

Ohhhh..his name is Kristoff…

Who’s Flynn Rider?

I just googled him…it’s rapunzle.

Did that sleigh just catch on fire…in the snow?


Is he talking to himself pretending to be Sven?

This guy is crazy.

Arendelle is frozen because it has a snow queen…idiots.

Sven is cute.

Olaf is alive.

And talking.

And creepy.

Aren’t all hugs warm to a snowman?

I like Olaf.

Anna remembers Olaf…even though the trolls took away her memories.

I hate this song.

I really hate this one though.

He’s so cute though.

What does a tan snowman look like?

Oh…duh. A sandman.

I saw that Mary Poppins reference.

Olaf is so cute. He’s allowed to continue in this movie.

No. Do not tell him.

Aww..Hans is a good prince.

Is it Arendelle or Arendale?

Are we hearing animals thoughts??????

I knew the weasle was the bad guy.

Why isn’t there a staircase where I need to go?!

Poor Sven can’t climb the stairs.


Last time I introduced my sister to a guy she froze everything too, Anna. I feel your pain.

Elsa is prettier.

Unrealistic expectations.

I wonder if I could make that dress.

You built Olaf, silly goose. Don’t you remember??

Is braids the new thing?

For the first time in forever I am watching Frozen. Can we stop singing about it??

Does she have snowflakes in her hair?

She does.

Elsa, quit pushing everyone away.

You just killed Anna.

Stop pushing her, Anna. You’re making it worse.

Yeah, throw a snowball at an evil snowman. That’ll show him

Run, Olaf.

Oh no, jump!!!

He’s evil.

I don’t have a skull…or bones.-Olaf

More blonde hair.

Is the love experts the trolls?

Stop feeling, Elsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is trolls.

Just kidding it’s rocks.

Because I love you Anna, you run.

The rocks are the trolls.

Is that possible?

Baby trolls…aww!

Anna and Kristoff are gonna end up together.

Why haven’t I heard this song yet?

And why don’t people ever discuss the trolls at Disney?!

I think they are fabulous.

Who cares if she’s engaged? They’re meant to be together.-trolls

She’s prettier with a grass-made crown.-Kristoff

Whoa…they’re getting married? That escalated quickly.

Warm hugs will remove the ice from your heart.

True love thaws frozen hearts….how original.

This snowman has issues…why is he so cold and angry?

Did he just try to kill Elsa? Wrong move dude.

Hold on Hans!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa is gonna kill them.


Was that seriously a dream?

Just kidding. She’s in jail.

Or dungeon.

She also has glitter in her hair…

or is it snow?

Probably snow.

Olaf is a rebel. Not staying out of sight for no one.

She loves Kristoff.

Kristoff is Anna’s true love, silly geese.

He doesn’t understand. Kiss Kristoff instead.

True loves kiss.




I knew it.

Kristoff!!! Come back.

Anna is dead. Her hair is all white.

Why is the Weasle nice all of a sudden?

And caring?

Hans is a LIAR.

I hope Elsa kills Hans.

Sven is the only one who sees that they are meant to be together.

I thought they both had boyfriends in this movie.

Elsa + Kristoff & Anna + Hans.

And Olaf + Sven.

Olaf..made fire.

Maybe this is the true love act.

Olaf + Anna together.


Some people are worth melting for. AWW

Kiss Olaf.

Elsa, quit freezing everything. -_-

It’s not funny anymore.

Fat olaf should stay.

Elsa is a crazy psycho who freezes everything…..why do little girls love her again????? Anna is the real hero of this story. let’s be honest.

She’s frozen and she still is looking for her lover.

Oh no, I thought Sven died.

Kiss me you fool, I’m dying.

Don’t listen to Hans. He’s EVIL

Nice going Elsa. Way to unfreeze everything a little late.

Oh, snap. Anna died for real this time.

Aww her sister is her one true love.



Sister love.

We gotta love everyone to stop the winter. duh guys.

From now on, this is how I expect summer to come every year.

Anna just punched someone. Is that really disney princess appropriate?

Sven makes a pretty Vanna.

Anna + Kristoff forever.


Olaf loves summer. how cute.

Sven got the carrot. how adorbs. he gave it back.

So now everyone loves winter????

Ice skating makes winter okay apparently.

Okay, I give it merit. It was cute.

John Lasseter? Okay I like it.

Let it go, Demi Lovato. Just like your singing career.

I’d watch it again.

Beautiful Minds

There was once a time, when beauty was only skin deep and women were told to be seen and not heard. Women were worshiped for their goddess-like face and skin and body. But that time has long passed. Women are changing the world and beauty is not only what you see on the outside anymore, but what we think and feel on the inside. On top of that, it’s time to change the fact that women find themselves insubstantial or not in the league of other women. Or worse, men. What kind of upper hand do you have by being hot? Oh, that’s just genetics, isn’t it? Right, the genetics I’ve spent that last 5 years researching. When your mind is beautiful, you are beautiful. When you care passionately for something or someone, you are beautiful.

And if I look good in a lab coat, I’ll be sure to impress all the E.coli and S.cerevisiae (that’s the yeast used to make beer and wine, in case you wanted to know.) Oh now that I got your attention with alcohol, of course you are beautiful!

What’s Next?

So what is next for this DCP Alumni? Simple. Go back to school and finish my degree (3 more classes!!!!!) But in the meantime, I have tossed around the idea of starting a new blog. This one will probably not be the same material, but perhaps something more personal. As the new school year approaches, I am reminded of financial responsibilities (aren’t we all?) and have tried something new. As a reader, I ask you to check out my GoFundMe project to see if you are interested in donating to my cause. I have had the same laptop for over 5 years now and cannot get much use out of it now (it has a nasty virus and only works plugged in.) The charger and batter does not work as it used to (bright green tape keeps it together, though!) And my trackpad no longer works, so a borrowed external mouse has been helping me along. It has been a nice little guy but it is time for a new one and sadly, the funds are not there. At all.

In addition to saving for a new laptop and school, I plan to continue reading, writing, and loving Disney!


Life is full of disappointment. If you haven’t come across at least one situation in life that you have not been disappointed, well congratulations you have a perfect life. For the rest of us, can we agree that it sucks? One minute you are full of hope and excitement and the next a sudden dread sinks into your body. Why does this happen to all of the good people. Can I see a show of hands that you (try as you might) check that one girls facebook to see if she has yet to gain those freshman 15 we were all doomed with 5 years ago? Why does disappointment creep up on us in the most trying of times?

It’s because we are too focused on the negatives. Stop, just for a moment, and think about when you are most disappointed. With yourself, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your parents, your kids..when did it hit home worse? When you were in a happy mood or when you were in a sour pus mood? Exactly. You were already pissed off that your adviser didn’t get you in the right classes to graduate (again) and boom. Another disappointment that you cannot leave the house due to shitty weather and too much stuff to do at home. So how can we fix this? Realistically, I’d say stop what you are doing and thinking and take a deep breath. Next I would take a minute to just get your mind off it. Go for a walk (yeah, right in THIS tundra), make some tea, check pinterest, do whatever it might to get your mind off it for a minute. And then tackle it head on. Look for a positive solution. Some of my favorites are:

  • completely forgetting it ever happened (forgive and forget, right!?)
  • take the next step above and beyond
  • make a list (pros/cons, solutions, bible versus, etc.)
  • napping (we have all done it.)
  • make a long term or short term plan

Whatever helps you get through it, just make sure you tackle it. As someone who deals with anxiety to the max, that is the only way I can trudge through stressful moments or bad situations. I need to take the time to think about it and decide what I am going to do, either long term or short term. Completely forgetting it ever happened is only in situations where the situation will no longer impact my future. (like that girl never gaining the freshman 15, is that even normal!?)


New Things

I am pretty new to writing to please an audience. I have written a blog like a journal, but I would like to explore my new writing boundaries. If you have stumbled upon this blog post, do me a huge favor (in which I can only return if you leave me feedback 😉 ) by visiting my contact me!