The Emporium

If you have ever been to Magic Kingdom, you have seen this store. This store takes up almost the entire left side (if you are walking to the castle) of Main Street. This store is comprised of 6 individual stores that together make one large Emporium. That being said, I have been working here and will continue to work here for the next 2 weeks (at least!) Now if you will remember awhile back I believe I had talked about working in American Adventures in Epcot. Let me tell you something about American Adventures, it is so small and tiny and wonderfully not busy that if you get deployed anywhere, it will most likely be larger than AA. Just for comparison sake: AA has 3 registers TOTAL. The Emporium has about 40-50.
The Emporium

I will be the first to admit it is extremely overwhelming to be put in the Emporium, as people will always look to you to find that club penguin plush or where the black mickey shirt with the mohawk is. And if you have no idea where these things may be (or if you even SELL that stuff) there is always that guest that wants to know where they could possibly even find it if it’s not at The Emporium!!! Well, I have a useful strategy. If we are going to sell anything, anything AT ALL, it will be at The World of Disney in Downtown Disney, which is free to go to so it’s not like people can complain about already going to “that park” or not wanting to pay for parking again. Also just for reference, WoD has 70+ registers and I hear rumors about wanting to expand it.

These stores are ran differently than what I am used to at Epcot. In AA, closing means staying 15 minutes after your shift to close the register and then leaving. At the Emporium, you stay 2 hours and 15 minutes after your shift to restock everything. The whole store has to be restocked before anyone can leave on a closing shift. It sucks.

But hopefully I will not be deployed here for much longer 🙂 just got to think of happy thoughts and the end results. I am learning tons of customer service and people skills.


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