Unexpected Adulthood

I recently read an article about the beauties of being an adult. I know I still have a lot of growing up to do. But maybe there are several stages of “adulthood”. It kind of just sneaks up on you and BAM! you realize you have adult obligations. Some people begin adulthood too early in life because of an unexpected change, some people begin adulthood when they go off to college, and some people (me!) don’t begin adulthood until they suddenly realize you are financially independent as well as trying to finish school and a job. I, of course, made the decision to move out & all, but I really didn’t realize I would be growing up that day! Which seems silly! But it’s true. There is always a rainbow after a storm, however, and there are little bits and pieces that make growing up really, really awesome!

1. Keeping your own company! There is something amazing about being able to be in your own company.There is time for tea or coffee, releasing the days stress, reflection, and petting your cat. Okay, that’s just my deal. But everyone has their routine! I think I am preparing myself for a stay at home mom position 😉

2. Friends in random places. I think parents have reasons best known to themselves to send their kids to camp. I was never a child who needed to be with my family 24/7. I loved going to sleepovers and school and everything. My brother was not. My brother had the opportunity to go to Culver Military Academies for camp, this was a 6 week camp where you take classes in 2 week increments. So from 7 am to 9 pm we basically had a school-like schedule. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, with I think 5-7 classes and finish the night with a movie, or tennis match, or sailing, or whatever! You get the idea. The point of this backstory is that I still have a TON of friends from going to Culver who live all over the world. Once my brother refused, my parents offered it to me and I accepted, I was 9 years old. This year, I accepted an internship at Walt Disney World, I happened to get a job in EPCOT World Showcase and met people from all over the world again! As well as all over the United States. My best friends are from Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana, and Wyoming, that is every corner of the US. You never know who you will meet and where their background comes from!

3. Making Adult Decisions. There are a ton of temptations in life. Should I go to the bar, should I date this guy, should I go back to school, should I travel, should I buy organic, should I spend that much money on whatever. There are a lot of decisions, and if the resources are there, why should you ever say no? Being in my position of an adult, I feel like life is presenting opportunities and I want to take them all!

4. Finding Yourself. All of these things in adulthood add up to define who you are. What you do and what you choose is who you are. But of course you are so much more too! There is a personality that nobody really knows until you let them in! There is intelligence and compassion and love and humor. And those things are inspiringly beautiful.


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