Are We Drawn to Drama?

Ever since I can remember in my teenage years, I have been guilty of watching reality TV: the biggest offenders being Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Teen Mom, 19 Kids and Counting, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF (don’t judge me.), and so many more! I have to admit, “we” is a pretty broad generalization, this could be teens, women, or even humans, but there is no denying that these shows get the ratings because a ton of them are still making seasons in 2015!!!

So what is it? I think I finally figured it out for myself. My life is almost incredibly drama-free that it is kind of nice to sit back and watch other people have “drama” and realize that you would never have to deal with something like that happening to you! Yes, it is kind of nice to fantasize about being rich and famous, but it looks to be hard work if you are a Kardashian. I just don’t think I could have that much drama (real OR fake) in my life for tv ratings. Am I right?

I have had my fair share of mean girls throughout high school, one girl thought I was stealing her boyfriend because we were chemistry partners….yeah. And another girl blocked me from her boyfriends Facebook because we were best friends who went to the same high school and hung out at school. Are girls so insecure about hanging on to boyfriends in high school that they have to be so dramatic about it? The latter actually tried to add me on instagram this week and when I accepted ( I figured she had grown up!) she unfollowed me. Is this really what people do in life? I am so sorry, but I have genetic diseases to cure. I don’t have time for your silly, petty drama-filled life. Poor pitiful you. That is about as far into your drama that I will allow myself to care.

I just get to sit back after watching a particularly awesome season of reality TV and go: I have a great life! I have an awesome boyfriend, with a roof over our head, food in the pantry, coffee in my tummy, an education, and kitty cat to forcefully cuddle with. I think I am good for life.


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