Writing Goals

I have recently decided that I need to make money with my writing. Even if I am not as far as I want to be with my blog, I have realized I need to take it up a step. In my baby steps of my research, I stumbled upon a nice little set of goals and inspiring lists that I make up myself.

1. Your long-term goal; huge writing piece (10,000+ views)

2. How much money you want to make in a year, in two years, in three years;

short term goal: first $100 in two months

3. What you’re willing to do to make the bucks
write every day. write things I don’t know about, but research. write. write. write.

List three assets that define you. Those could be events, personality, interests, experience, other profession, leadership roles, education, etc.

  1. –Internship at Disney

  2. –Strong, independent

  3. –Genetics (major)

4.  -relationships with Jared and family

List three things about life that inspire you. For example: parenting, nature, religion, charity, freedom, military, etc.

  1. –nature (walks, gardens, plants)

  2. –Harry Potter (books!)

  3. –relationships (family, parents, love, boyfriend, fiance, marriage)

    List three things you dream of. Examples: retirement, publishing, grandchildren, traveling, marriage, winning the lottery, sustainable living, etc.

    1. – getting married

    2. –making a ton of money through genetic research

    3. –having a family

These are fabulous topics to start writing about, because this is obviously the stuff I am most passionate about.


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