17 Unaswered Questions From Harry Potter

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Harry Potter. I have probably read the book series 100 or more times since they came out starting in 1997. That is not an exaggeration in any context. I have them in paperback, hardback, digital, and audiobook format. I listen to them on my hour commute to class everyday and when I go to sleep at night. I love Harry Potter.

I have seen (more recently) that J.K. Rowling has been answering tweets about unfinished business at Hogwarts. I have always had questions of my own about what happened to this person and who ended up where and so on and so forth. Things that were just left unanswered or did not quite add up to me. So here are my personal questions.

1. Under what school was Harry put in during the Goblet of Fire? And why didn’t J.K. just put him as the Hogwarts champion?

Cedric just seemed like a pawn to kill off but it could have all been taken away and the story would still flow.

2. Did Dobby really know about Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets?

Dumbledore hypothesized that Lucius Malfoy did not know what the Diary of Tom Riddle exactly was or did, he assumed he just knew that it would open the Chamber of Secrets. But when Dobby went to Harry’s house at number 4 Privet Drive, he gave Harry a clue as to Voldemort would be behind it, but as Tom Riddle. “Not — not He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, sir.” (page 17), “I’ve just got one question, Dobby…You told me all this had nothing to with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, remember? Well-”

“It was a clue sir….Was giving you a clue. The Dark Lord, before he changed his name, could be freely named, you see?”

House elves must have magic wizards could never dream of. 😉

3. How does Harry know his birthday if the Dursley’s never “celebrated” it?

This one is pretty meaningless to the story’s plot line, but it is rather curious. If the Dursley’s were such awful, dreadful, neglecting people, why would they remind Harry of the day he was born? And why would they ever give him anything (including a hanger or old sock)? Wouldn’t this day just be like any other? Until Harry got old enough to have real friends?

4. If Filch is a squib (a non-magic person born to a Witch and Wizard), how is he working in Hogwarts? Does a squib technically have magical blood, but can’t do magic? And where does the Quikspell play into this if he’s a squib?

Squibs must be able to have the capability to *learn* magic, but is not born with it. Let’s look at the genetics. A witch or wizard would have to have 2 of 3 geneotypes. AA or Aa. AA (or homozygous dominant) being full blooded witch or wizard (like the Malfoy’s claim to be) and or Aa (heterozygous) half blood (like Snape or Harry Potter himself). The other 1 of 3 geneotype is a recessive aa. Or a squib. If Filch’s parents produced a squib, they must both be heterozygous. Aa + Aa = a possibility of either AA, Aa, Aa, or aa. Filch recieved the aa gene. Making him non-magical. When the recessive gene is present, there is no possible way to extract magic out of the genes, because it simply is not present, making Quikspell a scam.

UNLESS. Being a witch or wizard is recessive dominant. Or aa=being a witch or wizard. If that is the case, then a squib would have the other two geneotypes present, or AA or Aa. This is shown in sickle-cell anemia, Tay-Sachs, or cystic fibrosis in humans. Those with the geneotypes of AA or Aa do not present the symptoms, but a recessive dominant (or aa) would present the symptoms. Therefore, if Filch were to be Aa, in this case. He WOULD have magical blood. One A and one a. But because he does not have both aa, he would not be a wizard, but he could LEARN to be because it is still in his blood.

5. Why does every defense against the dark arts teacher turn out to be someone they are not (with the exception of Umbridge, we know exactly who you are…bitch.)

Let’s see the list: Quirrell had voldy on his head and was really the one trying to kill Harry. Lockhart was the biggest fraud ever. Lupin was really a werewolf. Moody was NOT Moody, but a Death Eater trying to kill Harry. Umbridge was Umbridge…damn. Snape was the half-blood prince AND trying to save Harry. And there was no DEFENSE AGAINST the dark arts 7th year, just dark arts, if you recall.

6. What happened to Aunt Marge?

Just morbid curiosity on this one.

7. What would have happened to the story if Harry had taken up Draco’s offer to become friends?

Remember back in the day, when Draco was a wee little lad and just trying to make friends with the boy who lived? You have to admit, the entire series would be incredibly more interesting. Voldemort comes after the boy who lived but PLOT TWIST he’s on his side! Now what?

8. The darn cat!

Lily told Sirius they had a cat. If Voldy’s soul attached itself to the living things in the house, Harry would have one part of his soul and so would the cat. Making Voldy still alive and kicking. Jokes on you Harry Potter.

9. Why exactly does Hermione and Ron end up together?

This one hurts. Harry and Hermione should have been together in the end. But then again, Ron cannot marry Ginny so…yeah.

10. Who the HELL doesn’t take Dumbledore up on his offer to be Secret Keeper?

Oh that’s right, James and Lily Potter. I am sorry to say that if you don’t use someone like Dumbledore, you deserve to be betrayed. Dumbledore would have died rather than betray Lily and James. He was the number one anti-voldy supporter. DUH! And guess who would still be living.

11. Does Veritaserum bring out the truth how you believe it or facts?

Could I take this before an exam and suddenly be spitting out the truth to every question, or does it only work by what you THINK may be the truth? And if that is the case, that is very flawed. If you choose to believe one thing, then that would suddenly becomes the truth. But you could change your mind after spitting it out.

12. Why couldn’t Harry see the thestrals again?

It has been mentioned that only those who appreciate or understand death can see thestrals, but after a certain amount of time, Harry would probably appreciate his parents death. Especially after his class with Moody seeing the killing curse. I think seeing a friend die vs seeing your parents die is a big difference of “appreciation”.

13. The time turner really frustrates me, along with everyone else in the world. Why couldn’t everyone use them and it be standard culture for wizards?

This would be useful to prevent major deaths and organizations from forming. If the ministry of magic is so in charge of these things, why not use them for things like Lily and James Potter’s death, or Dumbledores death, or Voldy’s birth, ect ect ect. USE THE SHIT YOU INVENT MINISTRY MORONS.

14. What made Voldemort pick Harry over Neville?

This one kills me. You have to admit, it keeps you up at night. Why Harry?

15. Does it matter that Dumbledore is gay?

This is the 21st century. Nobody (who matters) cares about who is gay and who is not. Besides the (now) obvious obsession with Gellert Grindelwald, there wasn’t really any kind of mention of Dumbledore being gay. So who cares? It gave nothing to the story. I am one of many who is disappointed that so many people really cared and freaked out when Jo released this little bomb. It just shows how far we still need to come in humanity and how little difference it made.

16. Do the muggles ever find out about the Wizarding World?

Obviously, we know. Now that JKR (aka Rita Skeeter) has informed us lowly muggles that the wizarding world exists, we can even go check it out at Universal Studios Orlando! (Which I have been too oh so many times, since working for Disney). But in Harry’s world, do the muggles find out? And do they get to be involved in the wizarding world with the dragons and ministry and elves? I think if everyone in the world knew, it could be like a superhero kind of deal, only divulging information to the people who matter around you. Otherwise, we just see normal muggles like ourselves. More info on this please.

17. When will I get my Hogwarts letter?

It seems like every persons dream to get their Hogwarts letter. No matter what age you are, you know you would die if you still got yours! Here’s the thing, I just want to be a witch and hang out at hogwarts and do *that* kind of homework! I would very much like my letter JKR. Please. Please 🙂


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