Trying to Find my Niche

So far, my blogging on this page has been a little bit of everything. Travel, beauty, pageants, reality TV, Frozen, cats, Pitch Perfect. It’s all over the place. I have a very wandering mind as it is, and my blog is proof of this! When I wrote on my other blog: My Journey as a Cast Member, I had a lot of traffic due to my one specific main topic: being a Disney Cast Member. Here, I am still trying to find my place. I enjoy writing about anything that comes to mind…hence the randomness. I just am not good at one specific thing. I have a lot of interests and none of those interests are particularly my strong point.

Truth be told, my strong point is genetic engineering, watching TV, writing, Pinterest, and Jared. But who wants to hear about that stuff? Well, apparently you do since you are here 😉

And so it begins..


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