Men Words vs Women Words

Today, there are so many things men and women differ in: our habits, our routines, our interests, and our vocabulary is no different. Just because there is a definition in the dictionary, it relates to men and women differently. Here are the top words that change when talking to a woman vs a man.

Jeans:a sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton

Man: a blue pair of denim that you wear everyday. Different from gym and business wear.

Woman: a staple in your wardrobe that is meant to be worn out, only in a casual encounter. Not date time, girlfriend time, or to be worn at home. Unless already on your legs and too lazy to change out of them. Trending is a skinny, jegging, bootcut, boyfriend, dark wash, bleached, or ripped type.

Colors: the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light.

Man: ROYGBV. Straightforward colors of the rainbow. Black and white can be added too.

Woman: Cobalt, Burnt Sienna, Off White, Mauve, Laurel, Periwinkle, Rose, Eggplant, Mahogany. Mostly any color you can find in a crayola box, you can find in a woman’s arsenal of descriptive colors of ROYGBV.

Crowded Crayon Colors

Date Night:a social appointment, engagement, or occasion arranged beforehand with another person.

Man: Dinner and a Movie

Woman: one hour in the shower, two hours in the bathroom, 20 minutes in the closet, 20 minutes picking out shoes, cocktails, talking, dinner, popcorn, movies, home, three hours analyzing everything with your BFF after you say goodnight.

BitchSlanga complaint.

Man: an insult. Never to be used speaking to or about a woman.

Woman: your main BFF. or your boyfriends ex. You always know the difference without explaining yourself though.

Greek Yogurt: has been strained to remove its whey, resulting in a relatively thick consistency, while preserving yogurt’s distinctive taste.

Man: yogurt made in Greece?

Woman: a thicker, more textured version of light yogurt giving it a unique flavor. A very trendy breakfast in 2010’s. Can add fruit, honey, or other additives to give a better flavor and more heavy weight to feel fuller.

Work: something on which exertion or labor is expended.

Man: a 9-5 job that puts bread on the table and money in the pocket.

Woman: you better bring it; so fierce.

FineInformal. in an excellent manner; very well.

Man: to describe a non-girlfriend type woman. Also used to describe his day before going into detail.

Woman: a word used to describe something she is burning to talk about, but wants you to care enough to ask what she’s really thinking.

Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year.

Man: a time where family gets together and food is eaten and gifts exchanged.

Woman: two words: engagement season.

image from Huffington Post


DIY: do it yourself.

Man: working out in the shed or garage, fixing up the house. Manly things, keeping the woman happy.

Woman: going on pinterest, finding the thing you need the least and making a day out making things! Keeps your mind and hands occupied from him not texting.

Get Ready: To prepare, to make ready or prepared.

Man: put clothes and shoes on. Grab keys.

Woman: shower, makeup, hair, lingerie, stand in closet, pants, top, change pants and top to a dress, change shoes, change hair, sip wine, wait 10 minutes, say you are ready. (see Date Night)

Haircut: the act or an instance of cutting the hair; the style in which hair has been cut

Man: wash and cut at a mans barber shop.

Woman: magazines, shampoo, condition, gossip, cut, layers, bangs, blow-dry, straighten, find out a way to repeat at home!

Work Out: to take part in physical exercise, as in training.

Man: go to the gym, work out your body by specifying which muscles to tone.

Woman: find the most trendy way to sweat. Most recent trends: cycling, Zumba, hot yoga, ballet, CrossFit, Pole Dancing, Barre Fitness, and soo many more. Also an excuse to buy Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats.

Going to Sleep: the act of falling asleep

Man: sex.

Woman: laying in bed reading, until her man touches her, silently asking for sex.


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