Snow Bunny

If you are anywhere near the Midwest right now, you will probably be joining me in a PJ day tomorrow and be all snuggled up in blankets and not leaving the house! It is a chilling -16 with the windchill out there. The only thing I will have that you don’t is a snuggle buddy cuter than pie, Violette will be here with me all day and we will have great fun staying warm indoors!

They are already cancelling schools around here for tomorrow because it is just so nasty and cold out. Who willingly chooses to live their life in cold every year?! Oh yes, my boyfriend who says he likes the 4 seasons. If it were up to me, you can bet I would be in warm weather every day of my life. Somewhere tropical and off the beaten path.

But until then, I will dream of such a place via pinterest.

The bond between a girl and her jeep (obviously I don't look like that, but I do love my jeep!)

Looks like a picture perfect memory to me!

I have always wanted to see this in real life, one of the true beauties in summer.


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