The Baby

Jared and I adopted our baby October 2013. I begged and begged Jared to think about it and finally, he gave in. He was almost against it, but deep down I knew this would make him and I both happy! We were both animal people and we both had dogs at home, so I wanted to try something easier and lower maintenance: a cat. Laurel.

October 30, 2013 the day we got Laurel


She is an 8 year old Nebelung shelter cat who is very feisty and has to be center of attention, that is when she wants attention. If you’ve never heard of a Nebelung, it’s okay, neither had we. We fell in love with her quiet demeanor and shy lovable self. That was all an act, Jared and I have concluded. She tricked us!!! She played a very good game because she is exactly the opposite of the shy cat we met at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. We started out by searching the webpage of cats, we talked about how we wanted to give an older cat a home. One who had been there for awhile. That was our number one goal. We took pictures of a few older cats that we wanted to check out. And we headed over to Michigan Road.

When we arrived, I had a fabulous feeling about it. We signed in and talked to a volunteer about what we were after and she gave us a few pointers on bonding with the cats. We looked for our picks in the HUGE rooms of cats. This place did not hold neglect or sadness, like I had feared. The cats had huge places to roam and be by themselves or cat flaps to go outside if they wanted into an outdoor patio room full of cat scratchers and toys and space.

We looked around and started mingling with the cats a few stood out greatly but didn’t meet our original “wants” and the cats we had seen online weren’t really feeling us and we just didn’t know if they would be a good match if we took them home. If they aren’t comfortable around us, giving them a home would not be a helpful towards their situation.

We stuck around because we were starting to get that sad sinking feeling that we didn’t accomplish what we came to do. We made our last rounds to the cats and one caught my eye. A shy grey one all by herself under a blanket fort. We opened her sanctuary and started to pet her and get to know Laurel. We had seen her online but didn’t have a draw to her. Until we met her. She was shy and loving and we knew it was just right. We grabbed her card and took it to the front desk and waited what seemed like a long while to have our meeting and finalize the adoption! We had been told someone ahead of us was also looking at her. Our hearts sank.

This was our cat. We just knew it. So we waited and waited and waited and we discussed if this cat fell through we would give it some time and come back another day. But we both knew this was the ideal situation for both Laurel and us. So we waited it out until the volunteer came to give us the news. The other people interested in Laurel went with a different cat. We were free to go on with the adoption. We had a meeting for what seemed like an hour or more, they discussed what they knew about Laurel. She had been adopted once before from Indy Humane and after awhile got returned. They had found her originally in a cat carrier in a parking lot on a very hot summer day. Somebody had just left her there to fend for herself.  We had fallen in love with a cat with the saddest back story, but then again, if any of the cats in the shelter had a good back story, they would not be there. It just broke our hearts and we knew what we were going to do for this cat would change its life. Forever.

They asked us so many questions (as they should) about what would happen if we were to break up, where would the cat go, who would be responsible for her, etc etc. They really had all of  the animals best interest at heart. After paying the adoption fees we bought some food and bowls and scratchers and toys for her. We wanted her to feel at home and ease her way into a new home. So we tried to keep her familiar surroundings as close to the shelter as possible, until she got more comfortable.

Laurel is now a pampered little princess who rules our house and she KNOWS it. She immediately discovered we had a basement and took to ruling the downstairs. She likes to find little hidey holes and she also likes to roam around the upstairs like the queen b.

We usually shop at Pet Supplies Plus for all of her things. On a Laurel Shopping Day we pick up:

Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Adult cat food in Salmon flavor is our go-to cat food for Laurel. She loves it and we love what ingredients are in it.

Greenies cat treats are supposed to help clean her teeth and help stinky breath control and it doesn’t. But she loves them!

A cat scratcher. Laurel LOVES these things. We have tried to get her more permanent installments of a cat scratcher, but she keeps coming back to these. She loves sleeping and sitting on them when she isn’t scratching on one. We keep buying them (the cheapest ones we can find) because even though they cost about $7-$12, it’s a good investment for us and her.

This sums up a good picture of the kind of toys Laurel loves to play with. She loves “micey” as we call them and little jingle balls to roll around and she recently started loving those shiny plastic balls like these:

But what gets Laurel really going (and any cat really) is a little catnip stuffed into her micey toys. She loves it and then she runs around all batshit crazy afterwards.

We have simply fallen in love with this baby cat. Even though she is 8 years old, we still call her our baby. Because of course she is our baby. And I have really been trying to look for a nebelung kitten to adopt so I am always on the look out for one, if anyone knows where to look or find one, nebelungs are HARD to come by. They are such a rare breed and we just happened to stumble upon one beautiful cat. You kind of fall in love with that one breed! I have found mine and I want to raise a nebelung from a kitten.

If anyone has any feedback on natural litters they have tried and liked or disliked, drop me a comment. Or any other tips would be helpful of course too!


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