A very detailed, yet personal list of where I want to travel in my lifetime

Lately, I have been obsessed with the idea of travel. With my first taste of moving to a new place (Florida) and living on my own, the idea has been growing deeper and deeper inside of me. I read plenty of books and twice as many blogs and Pinterest articles, and all of these have something in common: a new destination to add. A friend from high school recently traveled to Europe over her winter break and it just added fuel to the fire. So without further ado here is my top 10 list of my next adventures:

1. Croatia

The places to see:

Korcula, birthplace of Marco Polo, the island is gorgeous


Plitvice National Park

Plitvice Lakes

Hvar, a popular tourist island, known for its old 13th century structure and culture


Dubrovnik, said to be THE spot to visit in Croatia, can’t argue with those who have been there, done that! Also, after Google searching it, it is one of the prime spots for filming in Game of Thrones. Kings Landing is filmed and set in Dubrovnik. Sold.

*images from site.

2. Greece

Athens, for obvious reasons: literature, culture, landscape, buildings




3. Egypt


Siwa Oasis, freshwater springs sounds heavenly!

Cairo, must see the capital


Giza Necropolis, obviously.

4. Bora Bora (French Polynesia)




Florence, one word: Renaissance

Milan, a fashion capital of the world

6. Amsterdam

7. Morocco






8. New Zealand


Milford Sound, formed by glaciers from the Ice Age.. chyeah!

White Island

9. Hawaii, this one is pretty straightforward

10. South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Peninsula, according to forbes.com “where you can see one of only two land based penguin colonies on earth”.


Honorable Mention:

11. Ireland

"Murlough Bay" Ireland.

I am more than ready to begin to travel. Although it takes a ton of research and money, I can’t help to think that this will be a huge part of my future. Pinterest helps fuel this love and I wanted to post a few links to the page for future reference of when I check this out later on.

Try these links out:





*note all unnoted pictures were from google search


One thought on “A very detailed, yet personal list of where I want to travel in my lifetime

  1. kwilley33 says:

    Ummm YES! To all of the above. I’m very serious about this..we need to start making plans and make some of this happen..like yesterday! Italy, Greece, and Croatia are my top 3…soooo lets go!


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