So this is love..

So is this what it’s like to be single on valentine’s day? Jared and I couldn’t spend the day together so I’ve been in my room watching movies until it gets too sappy and mushy and then I change it. So far I’ve watched parts of: titanic, the notebook, the Guardian, Twilight, what a girl wants, bring it on, and now last week’s bachelor. Am I a glutton for punishment? Yepp. Do I really care? Ask my sweats. (hell no).

It’s not as if Jared and I are breaking up, we just cannot spend America’s most commercialized love day together. So why does my family keep checking on me every ten minutes? If I’m gonna kill myself it is not going to be in this room… Totally kidding for dramatic blog purposes. 🙂

Why does everyone make valentine’s day such a big deal? If you can’t love me every other day of the year as much as this one, then get the hell out of my life. This day is for marked up roses and chocolates (I LOVE roses and hate chocolate), but I’d rather spend the day with my loved ones. You know, old fashioned quality time. Isn’t that good enough anymore?

And if diamonds just happened to show up, well that would just be peachy 🙂


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