Pitch Perfect Review

So I was scrapbooking the other night with my mom and I caught my youngest brother Darrin watching Pitch Perfect. I have heard fabulous things about the movie, but had never sat down and actually watched it. After interrogating Darrin about it, he revealed that they watched it at FFA. Whatever that means. (he’s secretly into chick flicks, I have concluded.) So, after scrapbooking for about two hours, mom and I came into the living room to watch the ending with Darrin. The end was cute and adorable and cliche. But I didn’t really feel the sense I had to rewatch the entire movie.

That is until this afternoon when I was watching reality TV on tivo and I ran out of episodes of Dance Moms and SOMEONE deleted my Keeping Up with the Kardashians……So, I found the tivo of Pitch Perfect and flipped it on to fall asleep to. But I kind of got into it with the whole DJing remixes and such. Which were killer, btw. And then the music started getting good. So I watched it. And here is my opinion.


I wasn’t rolling on the floor laughing or laughing out loud. I sat there and smiled and enjoyed the music. That’s about it. And it probably had a lot to do with it was being aired by ABC family, so this is probably a very unfair and biased (and edited) review. But I am just going off of what I saw, maybe if they sold the rights to a more allowing network (Disney is probably not the one I would choose), I would get a better picture, but hey that is just my unwanted opinion. But why would you be reading this if my opinion was unwanted, eh?

So anyway, I liked the cast. They picked fabulous ladies to play the leading roles and the guys were good to look at. Well, some were. The best was obviously Fat Amy. She’s like the orange chicken of the movie. But, of course, there is a downfall 😦 I HATE when the movie (trailer, previews, whatever) people show every single one of the movies funny parts. Every time I let out a small little laugh, I had already SEEN the part before. What the heck! I hate when that happens. The very little redeeming quality to the ABC edit of Pitch Perfect was the music.

Will I see the second one? Maybe. Will I pay to see it?


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