Romantic Ideas to Surprise Him With

Valentines Day is just around the corner, like THIS weekend. If you are like me, you find the holiday less than exciting. I have never really seen the point in Valentines Day except for companies to over-commercialize everything. I would rather have flowers and diamonds on any day besides Valentines Day. If your significant other can’t give you these things minus the holiday, you need to do some soul searching. Of course, my man, Jared, does not give into giving flowers on any other day anyway! (so I buy them for myself!) But don’t fret, he steps it up with other gifts and such.

So what exactly do you surprise him with? I have been doing my research and here are some fantastic ideas:

  • DIY projects: Okay, this is not your pre-school macaroni art project, but hear me out. Anyone can go buy a card, I know for a fact, my boyfriend would much rather see something I took the time to make than buy a $2.99 card from Walmart. And here’s the best part, you can find stuff around the house to make it with. As an avid scrapbooker, I had tons of cardstock, markers, and glitter sitting around begging to be used. So that is exactly what I did. And before you cringe, check out the end result! Simple but more thoughtful than a generic Walmart greeting card.

2015-02-09 18.38.10

2015-02-09 18.38.19

2015-02-09 18.38.37

  • Beard care: Lately, beards are all the rage with the men, especially with the national No-Shave November holiday. I have tried with little success to get rid of the beard. So instead of shaming it, I have accepted it and really starting to like the beard look. So I am encouraging it with some all natural products:

Lush Cosmetics offers tons of organic and vegan products for your face, hair and body. They just started a men’s line where I picked up 2 of their new products: Kalamazoo (pictured above) and Veerappan Moustache and Beard Wax (also pictured above). And here’s the AMAZING catch ladies, you can use Kalamazoo on your face (sans facial hair) and Veerappan on split ends! It’s like getting an extra two products just for yourself!

  • Treat Him: Ladies, we know how much we like to be treated. Sometimes, guys like it even more than we do! Everyone expects the guy to pay, but it’s nice to treat him too! If you are out, put all the drinks on your tab for V-day or if you are staying in, track down his favorite beer and surprise him! Jared’s favorite beer is only brewed in Florida, bringing it home would be the ultimate treat to him!
  • Yourself and Your Time: Giving him yourself and your time and your undivided attention can be the best gift of all. In today’s society, it’s no joke how seriously involved in technology we are. Taking the afternoon to unplug and give your undivided attention to one another can bring you closer and give you that serious connection valentines day is all about.

And if you have to plug in,

  • Let Him Have Control: of the remote, that is. It’s no secret between Jared and I who has control over our TV 90% of the time. Letting him pick the movie usually results in a superhero or action movie and those are just not what I would sit around watching all day. In his defense, he would not sit around watching Sex and the City or Gilmore Girls either, but at least he is willing to sacrifice to make me happy. So this V-day, giving up the remote might seem like undiscovered buried treasure to him! 🙂


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