Top 10 TV Relationships

The most wonderful of TV Relationships have a multifaceted story line, intricate details, and really brings something to the show. The best of them make me wish I were in that relationship. I have to give a disclaimer, most of these relationships are not the typical man/woman full on love relationships. This includes but is not limited to: friendships, sidekicks, best friends, bromance, lesbian lovers, etc etc etc.  It takes tender, love, and care to create a love that is not real and here are the best of them.

10. Sean and Catherine: The Bachelor. Sean and Catherine first met on the Bachelor. They are still going strong as of ten days ago. This is one of the few bachelor relationships that have lasted a year after marriage. Most don’t even make it down the aisle. So what was it about these two? There have been two instances in competition reality TV that I have picked the winner, the first was Jaslene off of America’s Next Top Model and the Second was Catherine on the Bachelor. In the first episode it is a tradition to judge the girls who we think is going to make it to the end. Mine was Catherine. She has been one of the few girls who seemed real and there was just something about her. Eventually, Sean thought so too because he proposed to her at the end of the series. They are a true representation of love that works on the Bachelor. They are so silly and goofy and is public knowledge he waited for marriage to give up his v-card. How much more romantic can you get?!

Bachelor Finale: Sean Lowe Faces Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter

9. Snooki and Jwoww: Jersey Shore. A crazy reality show about friends who live, drink, and sleep together. After this weird success, there was a spin-off show called Snooki and Jwoww. And was it addictive. These two best friends are unfiltered and I love every second of it. They called each other out on their bullshit, but supported each others quirks and there was always a true message at the end of every episode and that is: be thankful that is not your best friend.

8. Carrie and Aidan: Sex and the City. It feels like the show wanted you to root for Carrie and Big just because it was obvious that they were not supposed to be together. Love is not supposed to be obvious and clean but Aidan was every bit of perfect for this woman that it was clear that that was the relationship meant to be. But then you realize that she slept with Big and you realize that you can relate to every bit of that “picking the bad boy over the perfect, obvious choice” because we all want what we can’t have. But what happens once you get what you cannot ever have? Well, you make a movie where the love of you life makes YOU propose and then leaves you standing at the altar. How is that true love? Love is not supposed to ever be second guessed. It is not fun to finally get what you wanted, just to become less available again. That is called games. And real men do not play games. Insert Aidan here.

Because obviously Aidan was the best man and Carrie fucked up.

He looked adorable in tighty-whities:

7. Esma and Kronk: The Emperor’s New Groove. A funny duo from the movie turned series on Disney, these two are not so much diabolical and a lot funny. If they came to kidnap me, I may or may not say anything just to spend the day with them. So what do they have that you don’t have? Wit and spunk and a will to not give up. Oh and a secret lab. That’s a must.

6. Cory and Topanga: Boy Meets World. The original high school sweetheart love story, these two are a pure representation of loving someone forever. They made us laugh, the made us cry, they made us wish we were in that relationship, and the spinoff Girl Meets World made us wish they had stopped while they were ahead. But after all they went through, they really made us hopeful in love.

You were never this insightful in middle school. You were a greasy tween.

God will never cry over your temporary breakup.

They even made a whole Buzzfeed article about Unrealistic Expectations in your own relationship compared to theirs. (*note-had the actors married in real life, this would have been higher than #6)

5. Khaleesi and Khal Drogo: Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is hands down the best show ever to have aired on any network as of 2015. I have never heard a negative comment about the show. However, the whole show does not compare to the love of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo, meaning leader or King and Queen in Dothraki (the made up language of A Song of Ice and Fire series). Their brief love story was taken away (with their son) after Khaleesi killed her husband, had their relationship withstood the test of times in Westeros, their love could rival the others on the list. However, the TV series put a lot of punch in the airtime they did have, it did not satisfy myself or others expectations. A later scene showed a dream where they were together again and their son was alive, and anyone with a heart will bawl their eyes out because of that love.

4. Allison and Felix: Orphan Black. One of the most addictive new series on BBC America, Orphan Black is a whirlwind of clones and they are ALL played by a single actress. Allison, a soccer mom with money is the classic suburbia clone with a drinking problem. After all of her friends, clones and husband abandon her in her time of need, she has no one to turn to except Felix, the gay foster brother of Sarah.

3. House and Wilson: House, M.D. The greatest bromance to grace the television screen, House and Wilson are mistaken to be gay together in more than one instance and there is a reason why: they are best friends forever. From betting to teaching each other life lessons, House and Wilson remain lesbian lovers for 8 seasons. That’s longer than any Bachelor I’ve ever seen. 

2. Stewie and Brian: Family Guy. One of the greatest creations since sliced bread, Stewie and Brian should really have their own show as they basically make family guy tolerable! Just kidding, I would love the show without them…but come on, they are genius. Being that Stewie is gay (admit it.), it makes their bromance even more funny. I love the ones that are solely dedicated to them, with their time machine and evil plots. Pure genius. But I wouldn’t recommend watching it with kids in the room.

1. Ryan and Colin: Whose Line Is It Anyway? The show is the funniest. Impromptu theater and these guys make it 500x better. But together, it should be illegal. They feed off each other and have made a career. Without one, there is not the other. This duo will truly be together forever.


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