Realtime, Firsttime of Watching Frozen

Opening Screen: What is that?! Is this the right movie?

I already hate it.

The music contradicts everything I always thought it would be.

The snowflake approach…how original (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

I bet that’s Flynn Rider…

Aww, baby Flynn and baby Sven.

This song is Pocahontas-esque. Good choice.

Aww, baby Elsa and Anna.

Who goes outside to play in the snow at night?

Oh, she’s magical and can make it snow inside…nice touch.


Shouldn’t you be in bed, young ladies.

I spy a blonde streak.

She’s dead.

Does Elsa just make everything freeze behind her?


Why is Elsa blessed with magic and nobody else? Rude.

The trolls have spoken.

Elsa is now Cinderella.

Do you wanna build a snowman?


Elsa is a freak.

I bet those parents die.

“freak accident”


Why wasn’t Elsa at the funeral???

She does NOT want to build a snowman.

Did he just eat that carrot after the reindeer?

Who is this evil man?

This is what I look like when I get woken up too…you do you Anna.

Why have a ballroom with no balls…oh that kind of balls.

I hate this song too….

That dress though!!! And her hair!

Do they make that in my size?

This girl needs to be romanced asap!

Is this the first time they’re going to see each other in like 3 years?! #familydysfunction

Who is this guy? And why doesn’t anyone talk about him at Disney?

Mysterious man = Hans?

People only talk about Sven…

And Elsa.

Poor Anna and Hans.

So who was king and queen during those 3 years until she turned 18???

Why can’t she wear her gloves to pick up the ball?

She’s the queen.

All hail queen Elsa.

Those dresses look oddly similar.

Anna is funny.

Duke of Weasletown…must be the villain.

Way to throw your sister under the bus to the Weasle

It would be awkward to see your sister after 3 years locked in her room.

Hans + Anna = love forevsies

You were not born with that streak nor licked by a troll…just so you know.

I really hate all of these songs.

I need to find someone to finish my sandwhiches….

Oh my god…did he just propose?!

He did.

She said yes.

And told her sister.

What a buzzkill.

She’s in love.

You can’t marry a man you just met, young lady.

She’s so cold.

Oh snap. Everybody knows your secret.

Stop touching things!

She’s no monster, Gaston. YOU ARE!

Elsa, she doesn’t care if you’re a freak. She’s your sister.



Don’t leave prince Hans in control…he’s gonna be the bad guy, isn’t he?


Can we just not have music?!

Let it go, Shelby.


Did you find snow, or did snow find you?

Hello again, Olaf.

I like the movie version of this song better than the crappy version they play at Disney.

-_- but still hate it.

She finally accepts herself. You do you, girlfriend.

Why can’t my hair do that when I take it down…

THAT DRESS! Dang girl.

I like this look better.

Poor horse. You should carry him through the snow, Princess Anna.

Horse got his revenge by dumping her and leaving her in the snow.

Tropical magic for Anna. Frozen 2. Oh god.

Hahahah her dress is frozen.

Wandering Oakens.


I spy Anna’s new boots and outfit.

Is that Flynn again?

40 BUCKS?!

Flynn is a big fat meanie.

No carrots for Sven. Poor reindeer.

Reindeers are better than people, indeed.

People smell better than reindeer.

Why wasn’t this a song????

Oh look, I was right about the boots and outfit.

What a charitable woman.

Do you think if I had a blonde streak in my hair, people would do what I say??

Girls being engaged the day they met….and it’s taken 4 years for me..and still counting….


Is Flynn and Anna gonna end up together?

True love is picking your nose in front of your woman.

All men do it.


Wolves? Or trolls….?

Are trolls good guys or bad guys?

Ohhhh..his name is Kristoff…

Who’s Flynn Rider?

I just googled him…it’s rapunzle.

Did that sleigh just catch on fire…in the snow?


Is he talking to himself pretending to be Sven?

This guy is crazy.

Arendelle is frozen because it has a snow queen…idiots.

Sven is cute.

Olaf is alive.

And talking.

And creepy.

Aren’t all hugs warm to a snowman?

I like Olaf.

Anna remembers Olaf…even though the trolls took away her memories.

I hate this song.

I really hate this one though.

He’s so cute though.

What does a tan snowman look like?

Oh…duh. A sandman.

I saw that Mary Poppins reference.

Olaf is so cute. He’s allowed to continue in this movie.

No. Do not tell him.

Aww..Hans is a good prince.

Is it Arendelle or Arendale?

Are we hearing animals thoughts??????

I knew the weasle was the bad guy.

Why isn’t there a staircase where I need to go?!

Poor Sven can’t climb the stairs.


Last time I introduced my sister to a guy she froze everything too, Anna. I feel your pain.

Elsa is prettier.

Unrealistic expectations.

I wonder if I could make that dress.

You built Olaf, silly goose. Don’t you remember??

Is braids the new thing?

For the first time in forever I am watching Frozen. Can we stop singing about it??

Does she have snowflakes in her hair?

She does.

Elsa, quit pushing everyone away.

You just killed Anna.

Stop pushing her, Anna. You’re making it worse.

Yeah, throw a snowball at an evil snowman. That’ll show him

Run, Olaf.

Oh no, jump!!!

He’s evil.

I don’t have a skull…or bones.-Olaf

More blonde hair.

Is the love experts the trolls?

Stop feeling, Elsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is trolls.

Just kidding it’s rocks.

Because I love you Anna, you run.

The rocks are the trolls.

Is that possible?

Baby trolls…aww!

Anna and Kristoff are gonna end up together.

Why haven’t I heard this song yet?

And why don’t people ever discuss the trolls at Disney?!

I think they are fabulous.

Who cares if she’s engaged? They’re meant to be together.-trolls

She’s prettier with a grass-made crown.-Kristoff

Whoa…they’re getting married? That escalated quickly.

Warm hugs will remove the ice from your heart.

True love thaws frozen hearts….how original.

This snowman has issues…why is he so cold and angry?

Did he just try to kill Elsa? Wrong move dude.

Hold on Hans!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa is gonna kill them.


Was that seriously a dream?

Just kidding. She’s in jail.

Or dungeon.

She also has glitter in her hair…

or is it snow?

Probably snow.

Olaf is a rebel. Not staying out of sight for no one.

She loves Kristoff.

Kristoff is Anna’s true love, silly geese.

He doesn’t understand. Kiss Kristoff instead.

True loves kiss.




I knew it.

Kristoff!!! Come back.

Anna is dead. Her hair is all white.

Why is the Weasle nice all of a sudden?

And caring?

Hans is a LIAR.

I hope Elsa kills Hans.

Sven is the only one who sees that they are meant to be together.

I thought they both had boyfriends in this movie.

Elsa + Kristoff & Anna + Hans.

And Olaf + Sven.

Olaf..made fire.

Maybe this is the true love act.

Olaf + Anna together.


Some people are worth melting for. AWW

Kiss Olaf.

Elsa, quit freezing everything. -_-

It’s not funny anymore.

Fat olaf should stay.

Elsa is a crazy psycho who freezes everything…..why do little girls love her again????? Anna is the real hero of this story. let’s be honest.

She’s frozen and she still is looking for her lover.

Oh no, I thought Sven died.

Kiss me you fool, I’m dying.

Don’t listen to Hans. He’s EVIL

Nice going Elsa. Way to unfreeze everything a little late.

Oh, snap. Anna died for real this time.

Aww her sister is her one true love.



Sister love.

We gotta love everyone to stop the winter. duh guys.

From now on, this is how I expect summer to come every year.

Anna just punched someone. Is that really disney princess appropriate?

Sven makes a pretty Vanna.

Anna + Kristoff forever.


Olaf loves summer. how cute.

Sven got the carrot. how adorbs. he gave it back.

So now everyone loves winter????

Ice skating makes winter okay apparently.

Okay, I give it merit. It was cute.

John Lasseter? Okay I like it.

Let it go, Demi Lovato. Just like your singing career.

I’d watch it again.


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