Beautiful Minds

There was once a time, when beauty was only skin deep and women were told to be seen and not heard. Women were worshiped for their goddess-like face and skin and body. But that time has long passed. Women are changing the world and beauty is not only what you see on the outside anymore, but what we think and feel on the inside. On top of that, it’s time to change the fact that women find themselves insubstantial or not in the league of other women. Or worse, men. What kind of upper hand do you have by being hot? Oh, that’s just genetics, isn’t it? Right, the genetics I’ve spent that last 5 years researching. When your mind is beautiful, you are beautiful. When you care passionately for something or someone, you are beautiful.

And if I look good in a lab coat, I’ll be sure to impress all the E.coli and S.cerevisiae (that’s the yeast used to make beer and wine, in case you wanted to know.) Oh now that I got your attention with alcohol, of course you are beautiful!


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