What’s Next?

So what is next for this DCP Alumni? Simple. Go back to school and finish my degree (3 more classes!!!!!) But in the meantime, I have tossed around the idea of starting a new blog. This one will probably not be the same material, but perhaps something more personal. As the new school year approaches, I am reminded of financial responsibilities (aren’t we all?) and have tried something new. As a reader, I ask you to check out my GoFundMe project to see if you are interested in donating to my cause. I have had the same laptop for over 5 years now and cannot get much use out of it now (it has a nasty virus and only works plugged in.) The charger and batter does not work as it used to (bright green tape keeps it together, though!) And my trackpad no longer works, so a borrowed external mouse has been helping me along. It has been a nice little guy but it is time for a new one and sadly, the funds are not there. At all.

In addition to saving for a new laptop and school, I plan to continue reading, writing, and loving Disney!



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