Life is full of disappointment. If you haven’t come across at least one situation in life that you have not been disappointed, well congratulations you have a perfect life. For the rest of us, can we agree that it sucks? One minute you are full of hope and excitement and the next a sudden dread sinks into your body. Why does this happen to all of the good people. Can I see a show of hands that you (try as you might) check that one girls facebook to see if she has yet to gain those freshman 15 we were all doomed with 5 years ago? Why does disappointment creep up on us in the most trying of times?

It’s because we are too focused on the negatives. Stop, just for a moment, and think about when you are most disappointed. With yourself, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your parents, your kids..when did it hit home worse? When you were in a happy mood or when you were in a sour pus mood? Exactly. You were already pissed off that your adviser didn’t get you in the right classes to graduate (again) and boom. Another disappointment that you cannot leave the house due to shitty weather and too much stuff to do at home. So how can we fix this? Realistically, I’d say stop what you are doing and thinking and take a deep breath. Next I would take a minute to just get your mind off it. Go for a walk (yeah, right in THIS tundra), make some tea, check pinterest, do whatever it might to get your mind off it for a minute. And then tackle it head on. Look for a positive solution. Some of my favorites are:

  • completely forgetting it ever happened (forgive and forget, right!?)
  • take the next step above and beyond
  • make a list (pros/cons, solutions, bible versus, etc.)
  • napping (we have all done it.)
  • make a long term or short term plan

Whatever helps you get through it, just make sure you tackle it. As someone who deals with anxiety to the max, that is the only way I can trudge through stressful moments or bad situations. I need to take the time to think about it and decide what I am going to do, either long term or short term. Completely forgetting it ever happened is only in situations where the situation will no longer impact my future. (like that girl never gaining the freshman 15, is that even normal!?)



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