Days 1-6 of The Countdown

So as previous blog post suggested, my mom had sent me a package full of goodies to mark the 22 days of our countdown until the come visit! So without further ado, the first 6 days include:

1. White Christmas Tree lights!

2. Ornaments and hooks

3. Hawaiian Punch water flavor

4. James Patterson book: A Christmas Wedding

5. Potato Soup Mix

6. Pizza gift card!

Tomorrow I shall see what #7 holds. The clue is: This might come in handy tomorrow! Something old, but not an Alex and Ani! Which makes me think it’s a bracelet. But I am not sure what December 8 is and why I would need a bracelet tomorrow. Hmmmm!! Darrin and Daniel bet mom that I would open them all at once, whats the fun in that?! The anticipation and riddles make it much more fun!!

I have been frequently purchasing Christmas presents of my own and I can’t wait until my family gets here to receive them all!! Let’s just say, I happen to know a few people who knew someone who could hook me up. 🙂


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