20 Sayings of a Cast Member

After being a Cast Member for almost 5 months, it seems as if I have gotten used to most of the codes that is thrown around daily. After thinking about it, I realized not many people would really understand if you didn’t work there. After compiling a list, here is the most fun, crazy, or common “codes” of a DCP cast member.

1. ER: aka early release, this is when you request to go home early. Usually, you take these because they are offered far and few between. “I asked for an ER, but it was denied because I am a closer.”

2. Extended: usually used daily as the opposite of an ER. Your hours have been extended because someone called in or asked for an ER. Also, can be used as a reference to your program. Your 6 month internship turns into a year internship. “I was accepted for my program extension, I will be in my same role and same location.”

3. Role: Your job. “What’s your role? I am in Merch.”

4. On stage: When you are in front of guests. Or anywhere guests can go. You must be in “Disney Look” at all times when you are on stage. “I need to walk onstage to get to my location”

5: Backstage: anywhere guests cannot go. Such as break rooms, parking lots, cast services, etc. “Let’s go backstage so I can show you something on my phone.”

6. MK, DAK, DHS, Epcot: the four parks. “I need to head to DAK, then DHS, and hit MK after working at Epcot today.”

7: Going on Safari, Going to Tea, etc.: Different ways to say, go on break. Also, to use the restroom. “Hey, I need to go to tea before 5pm”

8. Code V: vomit. When someone has vomited. In any way. Anywhere. “Hi, this is Mickey from American Adventure. We have a code V in the bushes near the theater.”

9. 101: when a ride, shop, park is closed. “We just went 101, there was lightning in the area.”

10. Cindy: Cinderella. “I work with Cindy today.”

11. Customer: when a guest is shop lifting. “There is a customer in the American Adventure store. Could you help me out?”

12. Leader: Manager. “Call a leader if you see a customer.”

13. Get your own bumpout: in merchandise, you get a 15 minute period before you actually clock out to get “bumped out” which means someone is clocking in or coming back from break, but when nobody is coming in when you are leaving, you may have to get your own bumpout. “Hey, I have to go get my bumpout because I leave in 3 minutes.”

14. It’s my Friday: SUPER common in DCP. Most college program kids (who isn’t taking a class) has 2 days each week off. More often than not, these two days are together. Can be absolutely any day of the week. “Today is Sunday?! Yes, it’s my Friday”

15. The Boss: Mickey Mouse is the boss. “I need a raise, let me talk to The Boss.”

16. Third party vendors: an outside of Disney company inside of Disney. Cannot use Disney Discounts here. Includes DVC, Annual Pass Holders, even Cast Members…so stop getting angry when we can’t give you your discount on the African Wood Carvers or Face Painters. We don’t even get one either. We can’t even try to give you one because it will show up “$0.00” “Oh, is it from the third party vendor? Sorry, we don’t give discounts on that.”

17. Can I have your autograph?: Sign the receipt here. “That will be $10.89. Visa? Perfect. Can I have your autograph?”

18. Chris From Orlando: When a cast member forgets or loses his or her name tag, they are given a generic name tag from Orlando, FL. Can also be: Pat, Jesse, Taylor, Sam, etc. all from Orlando. “Who can I complain to Guest Relations? My name is Chris from Orlando.”

19. Guest Relations: the gift from God who has every means to find your answer. When you come up and ask me where you can find a pin with Kim Possible on it, I call guest relations to find that answer for you. “Can I stay in Cinderella’s Castle?” “Guest Relations can help you with that question, sir.”

20. Property Control, Cast Connections, Company D: Very cheap merchandise outlets. We get exclusive prices on out of date or “damaged” goods. That being said, “damaged” may just mean the box got wet or torn or it is missing it’s tag. Once something gets put into damaged merch, it cannot be taken out. So if it is put there by mistake, it still gets sent out. Usually it goes for 75% off. I got an $80 sweatshirt for $22. YES!! “I got paid on Thursday, let’s go spend it at Cast Connections!”

Bonus 21. EPCOT: aka Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday. aka the bane of your existence in the DCP “When do we get paid? EPCOT, dude.”


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