Magic After Hours

For the past month now, I have been deployed. As you know I have been in strollers, The Emporium, and now Heart of House. HOH is a very laid back, go at your own pace job, that is actually very nice. Except for one draw back. Your shift begins at 6 in the morning. No I am not lying. I have had to wake up at 4 the past two days to get to work on time. And even then I had some hiccups. But this has taught me something very important about Walt Disney World. The magic everyone sees everyday of the year is there because there are Cast Members working literally around the clock. I have left Magic Kingdom at 4am and there are workers just beginning their shift. They look at us and we look at them, both thinking we have the worst end of the deal. But there is always something getting painted, or washed, or fixed. And it is magical to see this in action. At 5am this morning, I arrived at Epcot and got to see this up close in personal. It makes you appreciate having a vacation at Disney where you are not working out all those little details, so you just see the magic.

That alligator swimming in the lagoon? You don’t even see it because a Cast Member has already taken care of that situation at 7 in the morning. *just kidding, there are rumors about alligators in the lagoon, but I have yet to see one*


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