My Magical Thursday

I started off the day like any 20-something year old does in the summer…sleeping in until 2pm. It was a long night last night full of crazy shoppers in the Emporium, but the good news is we all got an ER (early release) at about 3am. And yes, that IS good news! I was scheduled until 4:15, but once you are done with work you are just hoping for an ER. So I made my way back home and crawled into bed around 5. I had to eat a grilled ham and cheese first. 🙂 So anyways, last week I had been deathly sick and didn’t leave the house except to go to the doctor. So I needed this day after feeling much better and I did some much needed exploring of my 2 favorite parks: Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom!

First, I called my momma to tell her about some crazy stories and just to catch up! I have been missing all my family & friends back home so sometimes it’s good to take a few hours and talk to those at home! I definitely needed it! But back to my story..

Animal Kingdom was first. I take AK very slowly because there isn’t terribly too much to do. It’s Tough to be a Bug is one of my favorites, but for some reason it’s always down when I go, so that was one major attraction I had to miss. So, I headed straight back to Expedition Everest. That’s always a good one to get out of the way because you never know if the wait will be 30 minutes or 90 minutes. Lately, it’s been quieting down though. I actually forget this all the time, but EE has a single rider line hidden away so make sure you ask if you want to go single, trust me, it’ll go wayy faster than standby! Next I headed back into DINOLAND and made a pitstop at Finding Nemo the Musical. It was cute and flashy, but I would probably only do that once on my program and be good. It’s a 40 minute puppet musical. Just let that sink in. FORTY. MINUTE. PUPPETS. MUSIC. and no Ellen Degeneres-bummer.

After Nemo, I made my way over to DINOLAND and just kind of looked around and took it all in. Part of this is a very cheesy, needs updating, carnival theme and part of it has really cool dino statues and posters everywhere and has the Dinosaur! Ride. I like the latter part of it all. But I did discover this little ice cream place that has cookie ice cream sandwiches and rootbeer floats and hand-dipped ice cream cones. I, of course, got a rootbeer float! And it was fabulous (I broke my budget goal by not spending money…but that was the ONE thing I got, so I did pretty well)!

I then headed over to see the animals chilling outside in their little habitats and saw a huge iguana and big parrots and I just love looking at animals I could probably do it all day. Which is what my roommate, Chelsea, does for a living. She drives the Kilimanjaro Safari Trucks and I wanted to see if I could jump on her truck before they closed at 7:30. So I walked over and I saw her greeting people outside (sad face!) but I did get to talk to her a bit and she promised me a safari ride later in the program! I got in line, but wait! there was no line!!! 🙂 This is both a good and bad thing. There is obviously a reason there is not a line and that is because the animals are most active in the morning. Definitely not at night.

I did get to see: giraffes, tons of antelopes and birds, the cheetahs! a rhino was right next to our truck, and the hippos were out of the water for once! I actually got to see some activity that you might not get to during the day, so I suggest going once in the morning and once in the evening to get the most out of the Safari! I then got to point out the warthog to the entire truck (there was like 8 of us in it)! I’m pretty sure they should’ve asked me to be a Safari Truck driver after that 😉

After my safari ride, I realized the park was about to close so I made my way up to the front, after stopping in almost every shop just to look around 🙂 and met Chelsea at the front of the park so we could go home and go to Magic Kingdom! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We made a quick stop at home to eat dinner and change and we were off on our MK adventure. We like our MK bonding time! I got to facetime Amanda and mom and Violette on our walk to the monorails and even got to show them a little bit of Wishes (the fireworks show). Amanda loves the fireworks and Scott loves the monorail and I love seeing my family, so it was a good night for everyone!! Chelsea and I walked into the most chaotic Main Street I have ever seen before too, which seems to happen most often than not. But this was full of Brazilian Tour Groups. Ugh.

We wove in and out of people and made our way around to Tomorrowland and checked the wait times and saw Buzz Lightyear was only 10 minutes, so we hopped in line. I kicked Chelsea’s butt! 😉 It was the first time I ever got to be a Galactic Hero!!! Which means I got over a million points!

So then we looked at our pics and were off to our next stop. We were going to see if Space Mountain was short, but it was at 60 minutes….totally not worth that! We skipped it and went off and did…wait for it: THE TEACUPS! I have never done this ride before in my living memory and since neither of us like to spin we kinda just let it do what it does without touching it, and we had fun 🙂 While we were in the kid spirit, we headed over to Dumbo! Which was equally as fun and I haven’t done that one since I was probably 6! We had a ball!!

We then headed back around to Haunted Mansion where I told her all the secrets they told us in the tour! We both love little fun facts about rides, so I knew I could tell her all the secrets! After Haunted Mansion, we figured we had time for just a few more rides but our tradition is to do Splash Mountain (even though I HATE! getting wet) but hey, it’s tradition! So we made our way over there and the electric parade was going on which we danced to and had a good, silly time. And then saw that Big Thunder Mountain was down, so we went to Splash Mountain feeling good about our earlier decision and made it on in about 20 minutes. We didn’t get very wet (yes!) and there was no line, so the guys asked us all if we wanted to go again and our whole log wanted to go again so they sent us right back out there. And oh my goodness, we got soaked. I think they did it on purpose because every little place you *could* get wet, we got soaked. But it was much more fun that way!

At this point it was exactly midnight, which means we had to leave. We tried very hard to make it to get a dolewhip before we left, but sadly they were closed. It was the only downfall of the entire day! And that we couldn’t make it on pirates, my all time favorite ride ever. But the very good news is that there is a Pirates of the Caribbean coming out in 2017! YAY! That is a great thing to look forward to. Maybe Johnny Depp will come to celebrate in Disney World 😉

That would make everything very magical!

Check out all the photos I took today on Facebook:


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