First Week Update

I texted my mom this morning and told her I couldn’t believe it’s only been a week! Her response? Is that a good or bad thing? It’s a little of both! It feels like this week has been a month! Although you get a set schedule, it seems so packed full that it’s like you’ve been here 14 days, instead of 7. I’ve planned on going out with my roommates a few times, but more often than not I cancel due to being exhausted by 9pm!!

I did do Magic Kingdom twice already with my roommates and we had a ball! I have tons of pictures to upload that is better than writing all the experiences out!

Our neighbor was friends with Jacque from Cinderella in the electrical parade on Friday so my roommates and I headed over after our classes and did big thunder mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean! Which was fun to not do the whole park but have a few fun experiences 🙂

The next day I had off so one of my roommates & I went to magic kingdom all day & met up with one of her friends who also does the program. We were planning on meeting the rest of the roommates at Epcot but nobody else wanted to go so we went home & had family dinner!

On Sunday I had a super long day of on the job training! I got my THREE uniforms. My American Adventures, main uniform, is red white & blue looks like a flight attendant outfit. My Village Traders, an ugly orange and brown number, and then my Flags, used in any World Showcase country.


Then I got my locker and started following my wonderful trainer Zaira around Epcot where she showed me a TON of things I never knew as well as where I’d be working! American Adventures is more involved than I thought and has more than one place I will be working. The 3 main ones are Kidcot, the little American store, and the pin cart!!! Which are all a-okay by me. The ones I’m worried about are being deployed to village traders and floor stocking. 😒

After this, we took a tour of Italy and Germany which are next to AA and involve stock rooms I will need to access and bathrooms and such. I then had the privilege of watching the fireworks and globe being boated out to the center of the lake for the fireworks at 9! Then I had a meeting with 2 of my leaders which was pretty casual and both were only there for about 2 years and they are already leaders!!! They quizzed me about the 4 keys (safety, courtesy, show, efficiency) and basically asked me if my trainer was doing her job. They seemed pretty impressed with me, if I say so myself. 🙂

Today I was back at Disney University for a mock training on register. With play money 😀 it was fun until the lecture part where we had to watch videos of real cast members thieving *gasp* yepp, according to Disney University, more shoplifting happens from cast members than from guests!! There were some bad videos that really make you wonder how they passed the strict screening. So anyways that was an interesting day at work 🙂 one “family” bought 10 plush Tiggers & 7 adult ponchos and 5 DVDs. This family had a case of the Disney wants. And they taught us about discounts & all that good stuff we need to know!

I have to get up early to go to work at Epcot so I’m probably gonna go to sleep very early tonight 😃








One thought on “First Week Update

  1. Michael Rahbar says:

    Dear God I will pay you all the money in the world if you can get me one of those flag shirts in a mens’ size medium. That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I have matching shoes and I literally will not rest until I have one.

    Please Shelby-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope…

    No but seriously if you could pull strings. Like name your price. Please.


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