Orlando, I have arrived!

Wow! I thought today would be a completely different story than what I am typing out! Mom, Darrin, Daniel & I were all packed and ready to take on our adventure! I was stoked to be going & am so excited to finally be here. But our story was not all full of excitement.

I had to make a quick stop in Indy before the airport to meet up with Jared, partly because I missed him but mostly because I forgot my social security card with him! *gasp* this is crucial to checking in tomorrow & could not believe I left it at my house in Indy! Thankfully Jared was still in Indy this morning & he met up with us to hand it off.

Next, I heard terrible news that one of my roommates would not be attending due to her moms health. That was heartbreaking!

Our plane decided to show up an hour late!!

And finally, we made it all the way to Orlando and were circling the airport when all of a sudden our captain announces that Orlando Airport was closed due to a thunderstorm and planes could not land or take off. But lucky for us we ran out of fuel and had to fly to Jacksonville, Florida to refuel and then return to Orlando, just to find out our terminal is occupied and we got to sit on the plane for another HOUR.


As horrible as this day has turned, it is the best in the world! Because I am here 🙂 and I am grateful! How can you not be in the happiest place on earth? Well, we are not there yet but we are on the Magical Express on our way there!


It has been one heck of a day, but I am all ready for tomorrow! Let the craziness officially begin! 😉


2 thoughts on “Orlando, I have arrived!

  1. Twin! :) says:

    OMG! I have never had a good experience flying into Orlando…do you see my frustration?! Also…I love that he put older brother^^ and that you totes made a Kayla face on that plane pic! Miss you already!!


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