Wishful Thinking

As many of my readers know I have been accepted into QSFB at Walt Disney World. If you did not know this, well now you do. πŸ™‚ this is essentially the “fast food” of Disney and one of the largest parts of the program to be accepted into. I have long accepted that it might not be the most fun or glamorous job to do at Disney, but after reading at least 50 past blogs, I’ve come to the conclusion that no job at Walt Disney World is glamorous. Think about it, the best part about being at Disney is being a guest at Disney. But if you think a little harder, Disney would not have its reputation if there weren’t cast members to make it so memorable & special.

This blog post is to be about where I hoped to get placed. In a broad, general sense, I hope to be placed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For three reasons A) it closes the earliest. This means no 1 am shifts!! DAK usually closes around 5-7. B) it’s not nearly as popular/crowded as any of the other parks especially the waterparks during the summer months. C) I am in love with being around animals! My friend had a professional internship working the savannah and she got to have the one on one contact with animals!

Of course, I have absolutely no say in where I get placed within QSFB, but apparently I didn’t have any say on my position either ha! This is merely what I hope will happen. I have also come to the realization that some people went into check in with their 3 other roommates just to find they had been placed with 4 more girls…for a total of 8, because they ran out of 2 bedrooms. Now being fall advantage, we move in 3 months before the next move in date but that also being said, we are the last day of FA check in so they might say too bad so sad. But keep your fingers crossed!

Last but not least wishful thinking, I really hope I have traditions like my second day! My mom and twin brothers have annual passes to get into the parks and will probably spend a lot of time while they are there, but we do not get our main gate passes until we have completed traditions. Aka a 2 hour top secret seminar over the history and rules of Walt Disney World. After which we get a behind the scenes underground tour of Magic Kingdom!! We are then presented our name tag & main gate pass ID πŸ™‚

I’m so stoked to get this journey started! Only 51 days until we leave πŸ™‚


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