The Weather Outside is Frightful!

It snowed. IN APRIL!! What I would not give to be having beautiful Florida weather right now! It’s just odd here in the Midwest when it is 75 degrees one day & snowing and 27 degrees the next. Hopefully Orlando is a little more consistent with their temperatures, although from previous Disney experience I can see rain will be an unpredictable problem…but maybe if I leave my rain shoes home, we can avoid some of those showers! And yes, these shoes exist. Ask my family. Any day I wear them, it will rain (or snow). For example, I wore walking tennis shoes last year to Disney but they gave me blisters, and it was bright and sunny for about 4 days. The 5th day I wore my rain shoes to MGM (I know it’s Hollywood studios now. Back off), and BAM thunderstormed all night. True story. So we’ll probably just leave those home.

So, besides packing, which will not be happening until May 😉 I have pretty much been able to pass the time by staying busy! Classes and work is basically my life. And a little bit of fun with Jared! I’m getting super excited for Amanda and Scott’s baby shower! And then that little mousie will be here before we know it (Please before June 8!!!!!).

Oh and I crossed a smartphone off my list! Which is such a relief to have because it has a fabulous camera and I can rely on it to video chat with my family/Jared! It’s an iPhone 5 AND came with an item I also had on my list. A rechargeable battery pack that is also a case for the phone, you just switch the case on and it charges the phone from it! Making it usable for much longer than it already is! Now all I need is my dermablend and I will be set for Florida 🙂

Here is my obligatory congrats postcard & mouse ears picture! One happy lady!



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