Long Distance Relationship

Not that this is strictly a “Disney” related topic, it affects my college program and I have been meaning to type out this blog since I first started it. I am blissfully happy in a relationship with Jared, who is a senior at Butler University (majoring in Actuarial Science). Today happens to be our 3 year anniversary so what better time to tell you a little bit about him. He is graduating this year and on the frantic job search every senior faces. He is literally applying to jobs as I type this sentence. We started dating our freshman year of college after going to the final four and sitting FRONT ROW (next to George Bush and his first lady). Unfortunately, we lost this game but it was not at all that bad of a trip. I remember Jared taking me aside after the game and saying it would have been much more exciting if we had won, but that he loved me. Of course, it was still the most exciting day of my life (so far)! Well with all of this love and happiness, we moved in together last year. It had been a great decision because we both enjoy our lives together and spending our time together. But that all is about to halt for about 6 months. I won’t say change because I would like to believe that we will go right back into what we left off. In the coming months, Jared is planning on finding a job that could be anywhere in the country. He’s applied to several places in Florida and Indiana but also Seattle and New York. Where ever he finds his job, I plan to move there with him after my college program. It’s going to be a struggle seeing as I have a laptop with no webcam and a phone that is not very compatible with, uh, anything!! It can barely send calls (still looking for a smartphone if anyone has a Verizon one!) So with that being said, I plan to put my everything into making this long-distance relationship as normal as possible. Even if I don’t get to see him as much as we’d both like to. I plan to make the most out of the college program and take away as much experience as I can from it so that this six months will be worth it!


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