Patterson Court

I have to admit, this blogging thing is a lot harder than I used to give them credit for! Bloggers making hundreds of thousand dollars a year!? Whaaaat? Well, I now have the challenge of trying to think of topics to keep the people interested and let me tell you, it is not a walk in the park. So today’s blog post is as random as ever! I have decided to give everyone the unofficial tour of our apartment! No worries, there WILL be an official tour once I get moved in!

All the roommies decided to go with Patterson Court, I think! There are 4 apartment complexes to choose from:

  • Vista Way-basically the party scene, if you don’t want sleep & are underage to drink, this is where people hang
  • The Commons-until recently this was the all international student residence. But recently opened up to anyone, this has free washers & dryers
  • Chatham-the most popular and possibly nicest & also has a bus stop
  • Patterson-the retirement home or the quiet place to live. Has a bit of a walk to the bus stop & I will want the exercise -_- it is also the newest and smallest complex

DCP Apartments

So why Patterson? Well like I said in Housing & Roommates, I was originally leaning towards Chatham with a different group of ladies but the whole “more girls to a bedroom” doesn’t fly with me. So, the new lovely roommates and I are now hoping for Patterson! It is literally like a dorm room inside these apartments, but at least for 2 bedrooms (in Patterson, at least) there are also 2 bathrooms! 4 girls to a bathroom would just NOT cut it.

I found some of these pictures online of the typical apartment. Can you imagine fitting another dresser, bed, and person in here!? Didn’t think so. I am obviously so excited to get here I am already trying to visualize the apartment!

It seems like the best kind of blogs do not have the same kinds of posts as I do. They are more to instruct than give a day-by-day account of how stinkin’ excited they are to get to this point in the college program. We are accepted! We have roommates! We have a complex in mind! Now all we have to do is make the looooong wait until June 9! Come on…66 more days!


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