Exciting News

Guys…I have fantastic news! My first piece of news is that my Sperry’s arrived today and they are GORGEOUS! It took me a while to take them off and put them back in their box. 😦 But I cannot wait to wear them around Disney World! Definitely a comfortable purchase and well worth the money (well with the discount!). I have a few pair of no show socks that work perfectly with these bad boys and you can’t even tell I’m wearing socks.(Um, I always have to wear socks.) My second piece of exciting news is that I have found three very fabulous roommates to share my experience with! Two of them are older than I am (can you say hello to no drama!?) and one around my age. Which is a great balance if you ask me! I cannot express how excited I am to meet these ladies because we seem to just click! If there was ever a place to find girls that I click with I am happy to think it would be at Disney World. 

Now on a different but kind of related topic, I have been getting ready for baby Shedrow to arrive (Amanda and Scott are due to have this little mouse in June!) Of course, I have already found hundreds of things to buy for him or her (no, they are STILL not finding out what they are having against mom & I’s constant begging 😉 ) My favorite is this cute Thumper Jumper! And it’s gender neutral 🙂 but my mom had a great point to wait until I have my cast member discount & find out whether I should buy Mickey or Minnie outfits! The only worry I have now is getting time off of work to be there for baby and Amanda and Scott. It’s hard these days to know when this baby is coming & I can’t exactly take off every weekend in June to be there 😦 UGH! Maybe with some faith, trust, and Pixie Dust I will be there for the birth of this little mouse!

Until next time, guys 🙂

Please enjoy this lovely video of a very excited girl going to Disneyland!


2 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. Emily says:

    I love this post!!! I have tons of stuff for Baby Shedrow too!! AND I have been CONSTANTLY making comments about finding out Mickey or Minnie!! I love that when I read your blog I can hear your voice in it!!! I need to get back on mine!!


    • shelbyshedrow says:

      Please do! I love your blog 🙂 I try to put as much of myself into this blog to make it the most genuine! Can’t wait for Baby Shedrow to make his or her appearance 🙂


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