Housing & Roommates

Many people have been recently rocked by Disney Housing. Until recently, everyone was under the impression we could live in Chatham, Patterson, Vista, or Commons with 2 people to each room. There could be anywhere from 1-4 rooms I believe. But everyone has been very interested in Chatham, so naturally Disney felt the need to fix that popularity. Now if you’d like to live in Chatham, you must have THREE PEOPLE to a room. My brother had been in Chatham in a DCP and admitted it was spacious but not at all accommodating for more than 2 people. So I am now looking into every other option BESIDES Chatham. Which I assume was Disney’s point. So with this new housing, my roommates decided to stay in Chatham and have 6 girls. I decided to decline that offer and find 3 more girls and heading over to Patterson or Commons (please not Vista). I really liked these girls so it makes me sad. But I have already potentially found all 3 new roommates which is a happy thought šŸ™‚ Now it is off to work to be able to pay for my future Disney needs (see last post here). OH! I already checked one thing off that list! Say hello to my beautiful new Sperrys! So stoked to get them. I went to the mall because I wasn’t too sure what size I would be (never having worn Sperry’s before in my life) and I was hesitant to explain that I just needed to know my size & was not planning on purchasing anything from the store. But the woman working (who happened to be the manager) was very sweet and laid back about it! She was very interested in my Disney story and was excited to give her tips with shoes (&socks) in general!


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