Things I still Need to Buy

I have been working my booty off during NCAA March Madness this past weekend trying to make enough money for my bills. Needless to say I made rent + bills in ONE WEEKEND! So this is a list of “Disney Needs” (okay wants) that I still need (okay want) to purchase & if anyone has anything on this list that is reliable and willing to sell for cheaper, let a sister know!

1. Sperry’s…okay I feel guilty spending THAT much money on a pair of shoes, But they are darn good shoes. AND Sperry’s is having a sale on the shoes that I want so I should buy the shoes right? 😉 And if you use SPERRYFS, you get free shipping until March 31st!

2. Smartphone. I had the best smartphone someone like me needed. The Droid Mini. It was small, easy to understand & took amazing pictures. My dog however ran off my bed pulling my phone charger with her and splat! Onto the floor my phone went facedown & cracked the screen, which made it nearly unusable (the softkeys acted up and I kept getting cut by the broken glass). So I have been using the first Droid ever made, graciously provided by my loving boyfriend. But it is not going to cut it forever. I would love to get another Droid Mini but they are too darn expensive for me to just up & purchase

3. A decent camera. I don’t need anything huge and professional and fancy. Just a nice high quality camera that will take the best pics  and keep the memories alive. I mean, I only get to do this Disney thing once & I want to capture it ALL. So if people have suggestions on camera makes & models (I’m thinking $200 or less).

4. An external charger for my phone battery. These are becoming ever more popular with the crappiness of phone battery life these days (I’m talking to you Apple). My phone will be dead within a few hours of using it. I can keep the charge throughout my workshift (let’s say 10 hours on average) if and only if I do not use my phone a lot…I’m talking ten texts max. And I always call my mom on my way home from work for updates on our days and if I had been using it all day, well then you can just kiss that phone call goodbye. I’ve looked at a few and am leaning towards this one because it comes highly recommended, on the downside it does not come with the charger (weirdos.)

5. Dermablend. Well I already bought this, but in the wrong shade (I suck at finding my right shade…) because no visable tattoos allowed, my friends. So I had to exchange it. Well let me tell you something, I bought on because I don’t have time to go find an Ulta & try on every shade. But now I wish I would have. My exchange MAY take up to 4 weeks (I have time…but seriously?) & if I pick the wrong shade AGAIN…it’s just a never ending cycle, people.



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